What IS It About Books?

My husband is fashioning a WONDERFUL bookshelf!
I dream; he creates.
And this one is absolutely charming.
The legs are a very classy addition, in my opinion.
Its size makes it very versatile and extremely tempting to keep for myself.
Of my several acknowledged vices,
books are one of them!  
However, realistically speaking,
one house can only have so many bookshelves.
I finished a wonderful book:  Dorothy Day:  The World Will Be Saved By Beauty.
The author, her granddaughter, describes Dorothy's only daughter's house
in this passage that I could identify with only too well...
What IS it about books?


  1. What a great piece about 'books', now I don't feel so bad. I am weeding out some books but by no means all of them.

    I'm getting two 'new to me' bookcases and I can hardly wait. Work to be done in the living room first.

    Enjoy your day dear Rebecca ~ FlowerLady

    1. I can imagine how excited you are to get some "new to me" bookcases! I SO wanted to keep this one... but when I posted a picture of it without even THINKING about selling it, I got two offers!

      Thanks for stopping by, FlowerLady ♥

  2. I love that bookcase!

    I have a hard time getting rid of books, I love them so!

    1. Ahhhhhh, thanks! I think it has REAL "personality"! Still contemplating keeping it.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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