Some Things Stay the Same

We still have flowerbeds.
St. Francis resides in one of them.
My father (age 96) still lives with us.
We still enjoy evening drives into the countryside.
I am trying to get back into the swing
of blogging.
Most of my online time has been spent on Facebook and Twitter, but I've missed this outlet.
Is anyone still here???


 All on a Friday night!
As my Facebook friend Dee put it it:
Backroad wandering is wonderfully addicting. It is like a mini  vacation and a major stress reliever. You see what others drive by .

growing up/growing old


This image was on one of my social media pages this morning.  
Interestingly, I find myself in BOTH categories --
still growing up AND growing old.
What a dilemma!
(I should have grown up LONG ago.)


 It was so good to find myself back at a table in Barnes and Noble after a significant hiatus.

There were very few people in the room, so I didn't even wear a mask.
(Yes, I'm still one of the cautious ones.)
I gathered a stack of magazines and settled in happily.
As usual, I came home with a list of ideas and an inspiration photo or two like this one:
Do you see that caster on the leg?
(I liked everything ABOUT this old couch.)
This morning my husband added casters to our old, dated LaZ-Boy hideabed/couch.
It sits more comfortably AND looks better with the apron raised a bit
off the floor, in my opinion.
It's obviously dated, but then, so am I...
Inspiration comes from so many sources.
Today I'm reading My God and My All, by Elizabeth Goudge.
It is the story of St. Francis.  I
I read slowly as I savor so much of the wisdom contained in it... 

"He made of his whole body a tongue to preach the gospel."

January is for Reading

 Found at a thrift store last week.  It is not one I had in my collection.
Yesterday would have been Nouwen's 90th birthday.
Seems fitting that I'm reading this this week.
Yes.  I underline and mark in books as I read them.
How about you?
Recent snowfall and cold temperatures
arrived in time to remind us that it is winter
in northeast Indiana.
Perfect reading weather...

Last Week or So - 2021

 Happy birthday to me...

Treasure Old and New


Seed Thought #1

 One day while listening to and marveling over the explanation of Scripture on EWTN’s daily Mass, I jotted down the question, “Why have I this treasury?” (Why am I SO privileged?) 

 I was overwhelmed by the insight of the early Church Fathers and the unfolding of the Gospel of the day by the homilist. 

 It was as though I’d waded in the shallow waters in the past and was being introduced to depths of insight, experience and wisdom of the ages pertaining to the words of  a page so familiar to me.

Then I remembered words of a verse that seemed related. I used its key words to track its reference to Matthew 13:52.

 Combining most of the translations available in Bible Hub, I came up with the following:

 “Therefore (because of this) every teacher  (scribe, student of the Scriptures, expert) of the (religious) law who has become(s) a disciple in (who has been trained for, well trained for, who has become a disciple of, which is instructed unto, who has been discipled in, …into, having been discipled in regard to, who has been made a disciple in) the kingdom (reign) of heaven is like (a man) the owner (a homeowner, a landowner, a master, a head of a household) of a house who brings out (puts forth out ) of his storeroom (treasure, storage room, treasure chest)  new (and fresh) treasures (gems of truth)  as well as old  (and familiar) (what is new and what is old, new and old things).”

I'm reveling in the joy of my treasure--my treasury!  Priceless. Inexhaustible. Old AND new. 



Not everyone would recognize the "seeds" on this scrap piece of paper, but seeds they are!

Thoughts from nowhere or thoughts triggered by an action or awareness.  Thoughts triggered by something said. Or read.

I think I'll plant the treasury seed soon...

Song in the Night

A song from the 60's,
1960's that is,
came to mind out of nowhere
as I stepped outdoors last night.

🎶"The Night has a Thousand Eyes"🎵

Too Early to Despair

This is what I'm reading this 90 degree afternoon...

 It's at least the third E. Peters book in this series I've read this spring/summer.  I delight in this period of history (1100s) and find Brother Cadfael a most interesting character.
...and out in the yard...

the last thing I need












(rlg, 6-24-2021)

Life with Father


Sight & Sound

Sight and sound
Distractions abound


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)