Putting on a Front

For several weeks now, I've slowed down
to see the progress on this new house.
While plain siding is the finish 
on the sides (and I presume, back) of the house,
the front is covered with
 brick AND stone AND Shaker-style shingles!
I call this "putting on a front".
The Urban Dictionary describes this phrase as 
'putting on a fake or false personality not keeping it real."
Putting on a front is currently the style on houses these days.
When it is being fake in personality or personal appearance,
it's less desirable, I think...
It is right, therefore, that we not just be called Christians, but that we actually be Christians.

Hunter Moon

The window to my world 
is a small one, 
but large enough to frame the
Hunter Moon this October 
Sunday morning.

Absolutely and Especially

 We made time to
walk a local trail yesterday.
 I posted photos on my Facebook page.
"Still you find beauty with foliage and plants 
readying for their Winter naps!" 🍁🍂
a friend commented.
"Absolutely!" I responded.

Looking back on my reply to my friend later,
I wished I'd responded with a DIFFERENT word...
ESPECIALLY I find beauty with foliage 
and plants readying for their Winter naps!
Don't you?!?

Coffee, Me, and Thee

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe I'm just "old-school".
The coupling of coffee and church,
latte and the Lord,
is starting to trouble me.
"We have the coffee, now we just need you
#midweek in the house!!! Tonight @  7 pm"
read a recent announcement..
The Perk,
Higher Grounds,
Common Ground,
Connection Cafe,
you name it.
Personally, it leaves me cold.
And I like my coffee hot.
"Get with the program," I tell myself.

Now it Begins

Soybean harvest.
The beauty of it in my community
exceeds my ability to describe. 
 As the sun set last night,
I reflected on the pleasure
of our evening drive.

Oh, the peace of it all!
In spite of a late start, 
the Lord is blessing the labor
of our neighbors--
supplying their needs
just as He is ours.

Lest I Forget...

 It was just a little over a 24-hour getaway,
but oh, the delight!
 Three friends at a lake cottage!
(This was the sunrise...)
We played Qwirkle...
we talked.
We visited a thrift store where I found these two treasure...
The book is a Bible study I wrote years ago.
 One of the friends gave me the Sister Wendy book. 
 At home, it now sits next to my recliner with an older book of saints.
I even returned home with two dozen farm fresh eggs!
Simple, delicious meals,
a surprise meetup with friends from long ago,
and personal quiet time from 4:00-7:30 in the morning
were all parts of a wonderful, much-needed respite.
Thanks, Betty!


 The brilliant colors that greeted us last evening
at our local County Extension Garden
 All shapes and sizes teamed
to make our autumnal stroll a pleasant one.

 It was an unexpectedly pleasurable way to relax at the end of the day.
While the vegetable garden was nearing its end,
there were still surprises to be found!
What a simple and satisfying way to spend our time together!


I accidentally posted the story
behind this photo on my other blog.
I'm too exasperated/impatient to repeat it here.
Suffice it to say,
THIS day was quite a contrast to the Pony Parade experience!
Contrasts are what make life interesting.
Routines are what keep it sane.
I do life best with a balance of both.
At MY stage of life, I'm finding it takes more routines
to balance the contrasts....

Pony Parade 2019

 Here's our Saturday (last) in photos - no particular order...
 The sky was fair,
 temperatures perfect
for simple, country fun.
 The local feed and grain company
sponsors an annual Pony Parade.
 We try not to miss the noon meal benefiting a community
ministry to handicapped individuals.
 Homemade ice cream (churn powered by a REAL horse)
 an auction of donated items and baked goods,

 and plenty of camaraderie
 and plain old fun attract folks of all ages.

 It is extra special to have shared the event the last three years
with my dad who lives with us.

It's quite the colorful and charming experience!

Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)