buying and selling

This past week, I collected 20 tins scattered around our bedroom and posted them for sale.  (It's been awhile since I have posted and sold anything on one of the Facebook sale groups I am part of.)  We also listed the rusty farm implement parts shown below.  They, too, sold.  We'd used them as a border for a flower bed, but were ready for a different look.  The buyer will paint and sell them as sunflowers and make a tidy profit, I'm sure!
Meanwhile, we did a bit of BUYING, too.  Here is my husband at work on the piece we found for a very reasonable price.  At first, I was going to redo it to sell.  But then I got thinking that it would make a great television stand replacing a low buffet we had been using for this purpose.  Soon I will post the finished project...

I'm a Beginner prayer.
At almost 70 years old,
I'm still a beginner.
I'm learning prayer isn't reading books
about prayer.
It's not composing a prayer list.
It isn't only an oral or silent recitation
of requests.
I'm finding it to involve
much more listening than I imagined...
as much a response as an initiation.
But then again, as I said before,
I'm just a beginner.

It's All Good

 Our latest completed jigsaw puzzle...
Purchased at a thrift store for a dime 
and missing seven pieces.
A stack of books in our personal library
related to our church's current emphasis--
A recent selfie taken for my
Facebook profile photo.
 The game we've added to our evening reportoir.
 A comfortable place for my feet...
My view across the dinner table. ❤️


I finished up my "I still cans" with 
#8 - I still can get excited about poetry
#9 - I still can improvise in the kitchen, and
#10 - I still can enjoy the company of friends.
Now I'm going to compile a list of
"too many...too few" personal observations.
Keeps me occupied!
...a couple of recently acquired books of poetry...

I Still Can #7

 I still can appreciate artistic talent!
A young friend of mine
has recently taken up water colors.
I sent her this photo of our house,
and this morning, she delivered!
I couldn't be happier with the result.

I Still Can--#5

I still can sing!
Well, sing along anyway...
So thankful for a heritage of music.

And I still can read (#6)!
Where would I be without books?

I Still Can--#4

I still can walk
(though these days with a little assistance).
Like Jacob, I am limping
because of my hip (Gen 32:31).
Already this morning, I've walked
to the bank and to the post office.

I Still Can #3

I still can win an occasional game of dominoes!
Most evenings my husband, father and I play
about an hour's worth of table games.
These are accompanied by cups of hot chocolate
and a time of devotions and prayer.
As the score sheet below shows, 
I (R) win a game now and then...

I Still Can....

Several weeks ago, while retreating in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, 
I memorized these lyrics.
Getting the stanzas in proper order was the hardest part.
Today I begin work on
"May Jesus Christ Be Praised".
I still can memorize!

What I Didn't Photograph this Week

  • Myself at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (but then again, I was behind the camera...)

  • Crowded table at Tuesday morning coffee
  • Beautiful countryside seen during evening drives
  • The impressive Kendallville Public Library
  • McClish Lake on a quiet wwekday
  • My friend's remodeled lake cottage
  • Scenes from Hidden Figures, a movie I really enjoyed
  • The cover of Middlemarch, the lengthy but entertaining book I'm reading
  • The corn on the cob a friend just gave us
Life is good!

 Following a lead in another book,
I ordered this through interlibrary loan.
 Today I read a bit more and
suspect I've read it before...
at least THIS prayer.
God has taught me WAY more
than two times that He is love!
When will I ever learn,
"miserable ingrate" that I am?


I learned a new word and can't get it
out of my mind.
I'm pretty sure you could call me
a "marginalia-ist"!

At This Late Stage

The book I might have written
if I was 50 or so.....
For now, I'm reading all I can
of lives of early church
 fathers and mothers
and asking the Lord
to use me as He can and will
at this late stage.

No Mars

 I had good intentions, 
but went to bed too early
and got up too late
(still managed to see a beautiful moon).

Fast and Furious

The hours we spent
with four of our grandchildren
were fast and furious!
Too much happened
to be captured by camera
but believe me when I say
we slept well at night!

Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)