Quarters and Quarterlies

I'm looking forward to the next "quarter" of studies in our Sunday School class.
Though our church has changed the term "Sunday School" to "Small Churches",
I cling to the former because I value the concept of a group studying the Bible
in a systematic way
and growing together in knowledge of and faith in Jesus.
Yes, we still use a "quarterly" in our "class".
And just look at the Bible books we'll be studying!
I suppose I'm showing my age in clinging to this particular tradition --
Sunday School complete with quarterlies.
This is one I cannot easily walk away from; nor do I apologize for valuing it.


  1. I agree...some things I do not want to let go of...looks like a fantastic study

  2. They call ours life groups now, but it will always be Sunday School to me.....lol
    and we do have some great Sun. school material as well........
    Nothing wrong with some of the old ways, they have and continue to serve us well.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. We have Life Groups, too - in addition to "Small Churches". Meanwhile, Biblical literacy seems to be in serious decline among church-going folk. Hmmmmmmm.

  3. I don't think I could ever get away from calling it Sunday School...I glean so much from that hour of study with like-minded believers. I wish we could go back to meeting for a few minutes in the sanctuary before SS to sing a song and have a prayer....oh, my that was so many years ago....how can I still remember? ;-) Thanks for the sweet memories!

  4. I am in a Thursday Bible study at our church, and we are studying Colossians and Philemon. Sunday School has a sweet sound to me too.


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