The Puzzle of a Lifetime

I don't remember when (or where) I bought this puzzle.
I'm sure it was either in a thrift store or at a garage sale.
Last night seemed like a good time to  bring it out.
Unfortunately, we found no picture to accompany the pieces!
We turned all the pieces over and separated out the straight-edged outside pieces.
Without a picture to guide us, the task was difficult,
and we went to bed before the outer frame was finished.
This morning, I set the timer for 30 minutes and with great determination
I set about to complete at least THIS much.
But as I thought about the difficulty of doing this puzzle
without any idea of what it's supposed to look like when finished,
I thought, "It's the same way with life!"
Without God's Word to give me the big picture along with details of
life as God intended it to be lived,  I'd approach the puzzle of life
with much frustration and discouragement!
But WITH it, I have a guide by which to organize and put my minute and days together
to work toward a desired end.
Inspired by this initial success, we'll work on the puzzle until completion.
And encouraged and guided by His Word,  
I'll keep working on the puzzle of life until completion, too.
 P.S.  Done!  Wednesday A.M.
It took a system and some time...
but it's finished.  No pieces were missing.
(That's kind of like life, too.)


  1. I like, so true! I also have been praying for you and thought about the devotionals in Utmost for His Highest, especially last weeks entries and felt they too went with this season of such little sun. Such a season to meet Him in a different way. I hope you are doing better.

  2. If you can do that puzzle with no can do any.....I am impressed. :)

    1. HaHa! I figured out a system and surprised myself.

  3. I have gotten into the habit of thinking I have to be accomplishing something every moment of my day. I've been asking God to help me relax a bit and determined to go purchase a puzzle. I think I'll opt for one with a picture! I love your allegory...I can't imagine not having God's Word to guide me.

    1. :) I can't remember EVER doing one w/o a picture - and we haven't done any puzzles in a long while. Well, I frequently peck away at the one that's usually up in the Memory Unit where my mother is a resident....but not for long!

      Just set the timer to relax a little (like I did to relax with this puzzle), Pamela!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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