The Secret to Longevity

Ours is not a designer house.  It's simple, old and functional.
Behind these doors in our main floor bathroom is this:
a stackable washer and dryer.
Purchased at least 15 years ago out of necessity (space requirement),
it survived a move and fit perfectly into the space allotted for my current laundry purposes.
  Do you know, we've had NO repair issues for this  "Whirlpool wonder" to date!
I wouldn't want to bring any on by my comments.....
(I don't think it happens that way)
BUT, as I transferred a load of blue jeans from the washer to dryer this morning,
I did what I think I have done EVERY SINGLE LOAD.
"This", I tell myself silently, "is the secret to the machines' longevity."
It has become a habit for me.  I don't even think about it most of the time--
except this morning when I thought of a line for which I cannot give proper credit.
"Keep short accounts with God," is how I remember it.
Today I ponder that line in terms of keeping the lint trap free.
Confess frequently. Confess thoroughly.  Confess promptly.
 Every time something comes to interrupt 
fellowship and joy in my relationship with Lord Jesus!
This restores the unhindered flow of His Spirit in and out of my life.
Confession is the "secret" of longevity in the life of a soul
much as cleaning the lint trap is to the life of my machines.
My prayer is that confession will become as engrained in me
as my habit of cleaning the lint trap on my dryer...


  1. Go to bed each night with a clear and happy heart. Ponder the path of thy feet. All the time.

  2. That is a good visual, I love it, I like the thought of having a lint trap and knowing that turning everything over to God will keep me running properly.

    1. I've heard so many horror stories about washer/dryer repair.....and have seen a few lint traps that are SO full that it must take forever for clothes to dry.

  3. What awesome advice. It's so neat how God uses the every day occurrences to better serve Him.

  4. I shudder to think if our neighboring apartments clean out the lint filters....I am always leery of fire. I agree with Bean that it is a good are so good at doing post like this.

    1. I guess I kind of "doodle" with word, Dee :)

  5. I love simple wisdom! It's so true: it's the tending to the small things that tend to become big things if left unattended. Just the other day I put on a wool jacket that I've had for 30 years. It's in mint condition, though not by accident. TLC works equal wonders for the soul, too! Great post.


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