Christmas Eve Eve Eve

It's early.  It's dark outside.
And I'm sitting here
 trying to finalize all the plans for what remains of Christmas Eve Eve Eve, 
for Christmas Eve Eve 
and Christmas Eve
and Christmas and the busy days AFTER Christmas
when our extended family celebrates.
As wife of a pastor of a precious, small church,
planning has an extra layer or two at Christmas time.
Believe me, I'm making a list and checking it twice!
As I plan, I'm happy for these slippers.  
They are comfortable and WARM!
The wind has been howling and whipping the snow outside.
There are drafts to be felt in our house
evidently coming from  cracks we didn't know existed before.
My heart has been warmed, too, these days
by the company and generosity of friends.
(These pins, for example, were given me by a special friend .
One had belonged to her mother-in-law
who died just a couple of weeks ago; the other was one of hers that 
"she never wore".)
The words of the old carols fill my mind and bring me much joy.
I realize I have no favorites in this category.
Various lines seem to have new meaning to me this year though.

"Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled"
"God is not dead nor doth He sleep"
"Let every heart prepare Him room"

This Christmas Eve Eve Eve, I AM preparing
and wishing YOU peace--HIS peace!


  1. I wish you and Gary and all your family a very Merry Christmas, Rebecca! You are a joy and I feel we have become such good friends. You all are in my thoughts and prayers in this holy season.
    And these lovely pins remind me of those my mother used to collect.

    1. I count you as a Good Friend, too, Sandy! So blessed to have come to know you. Just think. It probably wouldn't have happened w/o technology!

      How I'd love to be a "little mouse" at your house and witness the joy in your celebrations this year :) Merry Christmas, Sandy.

  2. Your blog looks so beautiful! I need lessons from you. The little log house on my credenza was a $12.50 purchase in a booth marked 50% off of $25 2 weeks ago at an antique mall. I knew you would appreciate that story. :)

    Merry Christmas Rebecca, and I look forward to many more visits and fellowship in 2013.


  3. I NOTICED that log house, Sonja! And I DO appreciate that story :)

    And thank you for the compliment re. my blog. I wish I COULD sit down beside you and show you the little I have learned. Once I figured it out, it hasn't been difficult to change it now and then.....

  4. Somehow I knew when I visited you, Rebecca, that you'd be sharing the best of Christmas: the promise of peace!

    I wish you a blessed Christmas, a myriad new & precious memories, and unspeakable joy in all the days to follow.



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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