I am SO DONE...

...with proving that I'm not a robot!  
Give me a break!  
(I hope you aren't having to do that here!) 
 I have tried to adjust my settings on this blog
so that if you comment within 4 days of my posting, 
there are no word verifications to deal with.
Please let me know if you are still having to prove it here.
The only thing more confusing than the words themselves
is the explanation of WHY/WHAT this is all about.
Really, have you read it?!?
 "By entering the words in the box, you are also helping to digitize texts that were written before the computer age. The words that you see were taken directly from old texts that are being scanned and stored in digital format in order to preserve them and make them more accessible to the world. Since some of the words in these texts are difficult for computers to process, we are using the results of your efforts to help decipher them."
When they start PAYING me for my efforts to "help decipher them",
then (maybe) I'll be a little more cheerful about it.
And if you think figuring out the word verifications is hard,
you ought to listen to the option for the visually impaired!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    It almost seems like just about anything you read today is so confusing, another one that is enough to make a sane person crazy is privacy policies,
    any AMEN's on that! You practically need to be
    an attorney to discipher most of this stuff. oh yea, and there is the information you need to read before you buy something online that is about 5-10 pages long, that no one in their right mind can read..................and then their would be more if I had a lil time to think!! lol
    Our world seems to get more confusing as the days go by..........oh yea, and then their is insurance..........oh, don't get me started......lol
    We might as well laugh about it, cause doesn't look like it is gonna change anytime soon, all we can take heart in is that it makes us all.... feel like we are downright stupid or at the very least not very bright! lol
    So I hear you sister....................
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Just remember................
    Almost forgot............
    now say it with me...........
    we are not stupid women, we are smart women,
    we are very very bright women!!
    We just live in a confusing world of stupid
    techy messages, do I hear any AMENS on that!!

    Have a great week hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

    1. Amen! (I DID wonder if it is my age...but you've encouraged me to know that there are others who are confused also!)

  3. So tired of it too, almost give up commenting. Will mention it to other bloggers on my site to eliminate word verification and only do approved. ps, so far I have had two verifications on this site

  4. I, too, am soooo tired of the new WV. I have ranted and complained at more than one site. Hopefully, Blogger will take the hint and make the change.
    After futile efforts at some sites, I tried the audio "help" for word verification. It sounds like squawks and squeeeeeks from outer space. No way could I begin to understand it. Perhaps a robot could. I couldn't.
    Glad it's not just me. I'm tired of trying to figure out the "mystery" words written in black...and white...and white and black. My head is spinning! (And "yes" the word verification that is next to impossible is here at your blog. I'm still having to prove I'm not a robot. I just tried to post and am going to try and figure out the WV so that I can post my comment. )

  5. Yeah, what's with the TWO word verifications now?? I was told you should make sure you have the verifications up so that you get no spam. But this is getting ridiculous! And my eyesight isn't the best, and I'm dyslexic, so I am forever typing the wrong letters and having to re-do the verifications. Oh well.

    I'm so computer illiterate too, so I'll have to have one of kids or Raymond look at my blog to disable verification for my friends that visit.

    Love and Prayers,

  6. I can't read the WV either! Very frustrating!

    I just tried publishing this comment and WV is still there. I'll try figuring it out! I had to go back to the old interface to check on my WV status.

    1. I'll try that Glenda. I don't know how to do that (go back to the old interface) but I'll try. I am in Blogger in Draft right now and see nowhere to set or UNset word verification.

    2. Go to "Dashboard"
      Then "Settings"
      Then "Comments"
      Scroll toward the bottom and find "Show word verification for comments"
      There are selections for "Yes" or "No"

    3. Jackie, This option is NOT here for me! I have checked the little box saying my default setting is "blogger in draft". Do you suppose that's the problem? I'm afraid to uncheck it because so far I've had NONE of the other problems I hear others having...

      I HAVE set my comment to not require verification until after 5 days of posting....

  7. I get upset when they make changes without warning. Not that I wouldn't be upset then, but at least I would be forewarned.

  8. Rebecca, thank you so much for your sweet words of kindness!

    (And I agree with you about the frustration of the TWO word verification! Several times this week, I have had to go through the process TWICE...I guess maybe I am part robot?)

  9. Hi Rebecca!
    I haven't used the word verification for a while now. I allow this for four days and then comments are moderated. Almost all commenting is done within 3 days. Occasionally someone comes late to a post... and it is moderated. {Some spam comments get passed bloggers spam filter and are emailed to me, but I've only had one actually post just before the four days are up... it was an advertisement type comment.}
    Good luck with this too! I love the blogs I visit without word verification~ so much easier!
    Have a wonderful week!
    ps. I'm getting word verification though...


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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