Average is Over!

It's an ABOVE average day weatherwise in northeast Indiana!  Beautiful enough that my husband took advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures to spray paint a recent thrift store find for me.  All this beauty reminds me about the beauty of a life lived with excellence.

Many years ago, I read a book by Florence Littauer titled It Takes So Little to be Above Average.  The title pretty much sums up the content. I thought of the book when I learned that according to Thomas Friedman, an Op Ed columnist for the New York Times, Average is Over! 

"In the past, workers with average skills, doing an average job, could earn an average lifestyle. But, today, average is officially over. Being average just won’t earn you what it used to. It can’t when so many more employers have so much more access to so much more above average cheap foreign labor, cheap robotics, cheap software, cheap automation and cheap genius. Therefore, everyone needs to find their extra — their unique value contribution that makes them stand out in whatever is their field of employment. Average is over."

Actually, I'm happy to hear it!  And while I don't agree with where the author's observation led him, the article reinforced my determination to live with excellence.  To give my best effort to whatEVER my hands find to do.  To resist the urge to be passive and lax in mindset or activity.  

"Work with enthusiasm, 
as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" 
(Ephesians 6:7)
I like Thomas Friedman's choice of words--
"Everyone needs to find their EXTRA..."
That's what I'm going for!


  1. I was just pondering that Scripture verse yesterday! What a challenge--to do everything that I do as unto the Lord.

  2. It is funny and sad at the same time that where I am employed you generally see a vast difference in workers and it seems to be determined by age. I don't mean to generalize, as there are a few younger workers who excel in their everyday tasks.

    If only I lived Ephesians 6:7 to its fullest extent... It needs to begin with me!

  3. That's a wonderful quote. But I'm ashamed to admit I haven't lived by it lately. I think I am more half-hearted in almost all I do these days.
    I remember reading or hearing once somebody writing or speaking on this subject, writing/talking about those who have lost enthusiasm for whatever situation they were complaining about (work, marriage, family, chores, etc.) whatever it was that made them lose that 'zest for life'. The one thing that stuck out in my mind was, "If God asked you to do whatever it is you're complaining about right now, would you do for Him? And would you do it with the same complaining attitude or would you do it with gusto? Well, God IS asking you to do whatever it is you're complaining about now. So do it with gusto."
    Nice post, Rebecca.
    I'm going to try harder.
    Love and Prayers,

  4. Good word of encouragement for this new year, I feel you have wrapped up what God has been speaking to me and put a bow on it. I need to let go with the "good enough" and move to excellent.

    Oh my husband worked with Florence Littauer years ago...she lived in our city. I have a couple of her books. I seem to be going back and re-reading a lot of my earlier readings....this time I glean something different from what I did in my 20's and 30's.

    1. Interesting (about F.L.)
      Yes, that's how I am when I re-read books - Guess we're at different "places" and find fresh challenge and inspiration, as though reading for the first time.

  5. I'm reading this to my kids... GREAT thought.

    Blessings, Debbie


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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