Trivial vs. Significant

Being oblivious to eternity leaves us experts in the trivial and novices in the significant. 
- a Randy Alcorn tweet

It is my observation that technology has made it very, very easy for me to become an "expert in the trivial".  My mind so easily flits from one tweet to the next, one photo of fashion or flower to the next, a tempting recipe to a tip for chalk-painting a dull piece of furniture...

Sometimes I feel frantic or frazzled.  Confused by the options.  Immobilized by so many good and beautiful choices.   A little like Eve might have felt with all the fruit trees to sample.

Then comes this Alcorn tweet across my path ... and with it a reminder of eternity.  Something Eve lost sight of so easily.  Something I am in constant danger of losing sight of, too!

But make His Kingdom and righteousness your chief aim,
and then these things shall all be given you in addition.
Matthew 6:33

Years ago, Al Smith penned the words of a simple chorus that we sang in our youth group in the 60s: "With eternity's values in view, Lord, With eternity's values in view.  May I do each day's work for Jesus With eternity's values in view." 

These words are my prayer this morning
as I pursue "expertise" in the significant.


  1. i love the new look to your blog. fall is one of the most untrivial things, don't you think.

  2. I hear you!
    I agree that your new look here is just

  3. Thanks, Carol & Sandy! The background is a picture I took last week of a tree on our property. The sky was so blue that day...and the red and faded to yellow here. Leaves are almost gone now. The limbs showed up so black...I like the picture, too.

  4. me too! I hear those words and I need to hear them every day!

    Your page is amazing, just beautiful. When I tried to change my background, my blog went away completely, so I think I'll just enjoy yours instead! :)

  5. I have to agree about your new background, it's so pretty! There are so many lovely things to contemplate and pursue in this world, that sometimes we lose sight of 'the fairest of ten thousand'.

  6. I also love your blog back-ground. I LOVE the blue skies that Autumn can bring.
    I can feel frazzled, too. Sort of like I'm at a tea party with a hundred different teas to choose from, a thousand chairs to sit on, a thousand and one women to visit with....about quilting, gardening, baking, pets and PORCHES! Our time is limited, so we must limit the things we choose to do.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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