Tuesday Catch-All

Sunday afternoon we completed our West Central Neighborhood House Tour.  This beautiful stained glass window, original to the house, was in the stairway landing.  Beneath it is the original leather window seat.  This particular house was "in process".  Many grand features were being uncovered and preserved.
This house was not open but was among my favorites that we passed.  It made me think of some of the homes in Charleston, S.C.
After completing the house tour, we used a free "Passport" to visit the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  This was one of the paintings that caught my eye...  The Passports were for Sunday the 12th only but admitted us to 12 (I think) museums, botanical gardens, Science Center, and other landmarks in the city.  We only had time for the Art Museum, but many families and groups were enjoying the opportunity and the beautiful weather that suited the day so well.  Our evening was spent with church friends in the first Home Connection following our summer break.

A friend of mine at work - scraping!
Today is an unusually busy one for me.
  • I just baked and delivered cookies to a work team from our church that is scraping and painting the eaves of a home in our community. 
  • I've prepared dinner for approximately 12 people who are in the Greater Harlan Business Association that meets at noon.  It is my husband's turn to supply it.
  • Then at 1:00 I'll be at my LadyBug Club's monthly dinner meeting.  It will be my first meeting as chairwoman.
  • Tonight my husband and I will be attending a secret meeting.  I'll have more to write about that tomorrow!


  1. Hi Rebecca! Too bad that one house wasn't open! It is wonderful!!! I would love to tour homes like that. The only time they have that down here is for the holidays.

    Love the painting and the stained glass, too. Curious about your secret meeting!

    Have a glorious day!!

  2. Love the window, we have stained glass windows in the walls of our home that my husband installed. You sound happy and busy , a blessed woman, Gina

  3. I love house tours! I used to live in a huge, old Victorian. Loved that place. Now my house is so different, but I still love it and enjoy decorating! Curious about the secret meeting.

  4. Rebecca, that house is incredible! One thing I have noticed is that so many American towns (even small ones sometimes) have these absolutely mind blowing houses! My brother is studying down near Lincoln, Nebraska and when dad and I drove down there this past May to pick him up, we just spent time walking around the city and smaller towns and I must have taken so many pictures of the elaborate and beautiful homes!! Anyway, I get kind of thrilled by their beauty.:)

  5. I can't imagine being able to paint a cow so beautifully! It looked like a photo! The house was so pretty. I can't wait to here about your secret meeting!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Di, I don't know why I'm often "drawn to" pictures of sheep or cattle. This one was so life-like. And simple.

    The "cat is out of the bag". See 9/15/10's post!

  7. Colleen, I've never been to the heart of Lincoln...I'll bet there ARE some beautiful houses there!

  8. Gina, Have you posted pictures of your stained glass windows? I'll bet they're lovely!

    Becky, One of the neighborhoods schedules THEIR housewalk for the Christmas season. It is a favorite of ours. Double for the $$! Lovely, old homes AND Christmas decorations!

  9. Sounds like you've had a very busy day! Love that cow picture. It's a little private joke between me and hubby. From our dating days, he always told me I have "cow" eyes, and then we "moo" at each other. Whenever we're out driving in the country and see the cows, he'll say "there's some of your relatives". Now how would you like to put up with THAT? It's all in fun of course! I have a picture of a sheep that I took last week in SC I'll send it to you...I'm also intrigued by these animals!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)