September 1st

It is not His cross that is heavy;
It is those that our hands have made
That hinder us on our journey,
On our aching shoulders laid;
There is strength for the load He gives us
And balm for the thorn He sends,
But none for the needless burdens,
And none for our selfish ends.

For His yoke is easy to carry
And His burden is light in weight;
He will do His share of the labor,
For He is a true yoke-mate.
Are weary and heavy-laden?
Are we anxious and full of care?
That is not the cross of His giving
But the one we make and bear.
(Author unknown)

This poem followed the September 1st entry in this old devotional book.  Each morning, my husband and I  drink a cup of coffee as we read the selection from THIS book and then another more contemporary devotional book.  Many times we are surprised how the two mesh and God reinforces a word of instruction or encouragement to us!

The poem THIS day reminds us not to load or unload ourselves, not to cut our cross to our own liking, and to keep our backs as straight as we. can and not think about what is upon them or boast of the load that we carry. 

I KNOW that  many loads I bear are those that I've loaded myself with!  Today I choose to let Jesus "load" me and release those I carry needlessly!  I hope you'll  join me in that decision.


  1. In our small group, we use the acronym "YEBL" (pronounced "yea-ble" which means "Yoke Easy, Burden Light". It was first coined by a member of our group who has now moved away, a teaching man of God who impacted us greatly. Now another friend has actually named his Company The YEBL Group...and finds many opportunities to witness for Christ when explaining the meaning. Thanks for this post this morning! Have a great day!

  2. YEBL! I like that, Jacquelyn. I've also heard, "If your burden isn't light, then it's not right." Either it's a burden we have chosen to shoulder on our own, or we're not allowing Jesus to bear it with us...

  3. I live with daily circumstances that
    force me to choose whether I will carry
    the burdens or release them to God. I
    have to make a decision to give it all
    to Him if I am to walk to peace. He is
    always faithful to bring His peace to
    me and my family when we can turn
    everything over to Him.
    I have been reading and re-reading
    Streams for about a dozen years now.
    It's matchless in wisdom.

  4. What a beautiful thought for the day!
    Love Di ♥

  5. So special you two go over scripture wisdom together , spiritual romance ! take care, Gina

  6. Great poem and a meaningful concise blog.
    We all need this type of reminder.
    Thank you and God bless your ministry.

  7. I love the words "balm for the thorns he sends" I have been thinking about the balm of Gilead lately and need to study is such a truth that he supplies the "balm"
    Thanks I loved this! It is also such a precious picture of you and your husband sharing the Word together in the morning

  8. Janette, I'd enjoy hearing what you learn about the balm of Gilead. I am very thankful for the time we spend sharing the Word together each morning.

  9. This is my favorite devotional. I have Volume 1, dated 1925! I have been reading this book for years and never grow tired of the wisdom it contains. I especially like the poetry and/or songs. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  10. Streams in the Desert is my all-time favorite devotional book. God has used its words again and again to encourage me!

  11. I love Streams In The Desert and the selection you chose for your post today goes right along with my current circumstances. I am thankful the Lord still takes my burdens and carries them for me even when I reach down and pick them up and try to carry them on my own before I realize that they are to heavy for me and that it was never necessary to carry them alone at all.

  12. Praising GOD for your precious GIFT from heaven. I know little Elijah will be the delight of your heart.

    I wore out one copy of "Streams In The Desert!" I am thankful HE has been faithful to carry me over and over again!

    Hugs, love, and prayers,

  13. I LOVE Streams in the Desert!!! Grew up on it!!! And that poem, of course, is beautiful!!! Love the changes you've made here! So crisp and clean!! I think this is my favorite of your blog designs!! Glad to be here this morning! I've missed you!!! Love, Janine XO

  14. I LOVE her devotional books. I have many of them and read them off and on. I'm sure not often enough......(I e-mailed you a site)
    Love Mrs. Mobunny


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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