My Brother, My Friend

We celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday--all my siblings & their spouses, my father and mother.  The  celebration lasted all day.  A meal at noon was "bookended" by lots of conversation, a few games and unlimited snacks!
This is the only picture I have to prove there WERE women in attendance--my sister-in-law whom I had not met until I showed up to participate as a bridesmaid in their wedding over 35 years ago!  How weird is that?
I like this picture taken early in the day.  I noticed all the men have their hands in their pockets as they listen to my brother, typically engaged in an explanation of a concept or adventure... By the way, one seldom sees ANY of these men with their hands in their pockets!  All of them are creative, active, hands-on men.

In lieu of a birthday card, I compiled a list of 60 memories I had of my brother.   Explanations and much laughter surrounded the public reading, and many MORE memories surfaced.  I could easily produce another list for his 100th birthday!  He said it was the best gift he received.

What ideas have YOU come up with to appropriately 
(and inexpensively) "gift" a person on their birthday? 


  1. Well, I wondered where you were yesterday! LOL
    I love that picture of the men with their hands in their pockets!
    When my m-i-l turned 80 I was at a loss for an idea of a gift. She has a habit of saying "I don' need anything and if I do I'll go out and buy it"...a friend gave me the suggestion of getting one of those large, pretty hat boxes and writing memories on pieces of paper. Hubby & I worked on it together and I added a rubber stamped embellishment on each. We put each one in an envelope (so the box would fill up). Then I finished it off with a large bow. She keeps it still in her bedroom and never misses a chance to tell people how it it the best gift she ever got. (Which shocks me...) I did something similar as you did with your list in lieu of a card for my dad one year not long before he passed. It was sort of my way of telling him how much he's meant to me over the years and I think I got as much out of it as he did. I'm sure your brother was very touched. Thanks for the reminder that we can be creative and meaningful with gifts without having to buy something that may or may not be useful!

  2. I always throw a party. Food, dessert, music. I love throwing birthday parties which may sound great unless the person doesn't want one. Then I usually do it anyway! I love what you did for your brother Rebecca. That was a thoughtful gift! Love Di ♥

  3. Very nice message!!!

    Happy Birthday to your brother!! What a special time and gathering of honoring him!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Rebecca,
    A very happy but belated birthday wish to your brother. It sounds like you all had a great celebration.
    Cute photo of the men standing together with hands in their pockets.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great and thoughtful gift to be cherished by your brother. It looks like he had a blessed birthday and I agree with other commenters that the picture with all the guys with their hands in their pocket is adorable. I am not the best of gift givers, but I once had a birthday picture of me and my friend as children together put on an ornament that you could record a message on. I recorded..make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.:)

  6. What a great idea! I think I'll have to copy this one down the line. Thanks for sharing Robecca, and Happy belated birthday to your brother!

  7. Happy Birthday to your brother, how lovely for all of you to celebrate it better gift I can think of.....:-)Hugs

  8. When I post a comment for you, after a few seconds it reconnects me to the top of the post, so many times I have clicked to leave, because my fingers are faster than my brain, forgetting the comment area acts a little different here.
    I once bought a small book of poems titled "Thoughts To Share With A Wonderful Mother" and collaged photos of us along side the most meaningful poems. I now have it as a cherished Keepsake.

  9. Becky you're a good sister! What a great way to show appreciation and glorify God for the reality of that kind of a life long relationship. Those of us who have it are so blessed. We must remember not to take it for granted. Happy birthday to David.

  10. Rebecca: you amaze me. I discovered yet another one of your have a rich inner life and we are all blessed that you share it with us. God bless

  11. I am sure that your 60 memories gift to David was very special. We combined as a family and did something similar and wrote 40 reasons why we love Kathi. Then we attached each note to a Reisins chocolate and carmel candy and put them all in a basket. She also declares that was her favorite gift.

    It was fun to see a photo of David and his wife. The picture of the men is cute. I noticed that David also recieved a book on Bonhoffer. When I was in NC the UPS man ran up to the door and 5 year old Ryan said, "It is probably just another book about Bonhoffer for my dad."


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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