Recently, Susan of Writing Straight from the Heart and I had a blogversation about some of our personal mentors. I think she started it, calling them her "lifelong mentors", if I recall correctly.  The power of example and modeling is enormous!  At various stages of my life, I've drawn inspiration and information from many women whom I admire greatly.  Some of them include:  Edith Schaeffer (above),
Elizabeth Elliot,
Karen Burton Mains,
Ruth Bell Graham, and
Anne Ortlund

These women have expressed and exhibited their love and commitment to Jesus Christ throughout their lives.  Perfect?  None of them!  But they are women who I believe COULD have said with the Apostle Paul, "Follow the pattern of the sound words that you have heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus" (2 Timothy 1:13). 

There are other women whom I admire for a particular quality - beauty, simplicity, knowledge, style, etc.  These include: Alexandra Stoddard, Mary Emmerling, and Martha Stewart (yes, I mean that Martha).  I'm sure there are many others who have influenced me.  I'm just not coming up with their names right now.

Who are some of YOUR mentors?


  1. Most of my mentors have been the older ladys in the churches I have attended. So much wisdom and examples of over coming and serving the Lord which shows in their faces. I find Oswald Chambers gave me a lot of insight and understanding.My best friend...she has always set examples of serving with joy.

  2. I'd have to agree with Elizabeth Elliott and
    Edith Schaeffer, also Gloria Copeland, Kay
    Arthur and the women who were there bringing
    in the ministries of healing--Aimee Semple
    McPherson,and Lillian Yeomans. And
    regardless of what one may think of her politically or otherwise, Martha Stewart
    is one of the most creative women on earth.

  3. I too have always admired Martha Stewart and learned so much from her. I have admired Ruth Bell Graham as well. And I love Beth Moore. I have done all of her Bible studies and she is an amazing lady. My Mom is not a famous person, but I really admire her too. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Elizabeth Elliott, Kay Arthur, and Beth Moore.

  5. Great question... I love many of these you mentioned, and would love to have some flesh and blood, real-life-meet-me-for-coffee women to come alongside me and help me. Haven't found one yet, but I'm looking. I do meet with a great group of "mature" women on Tuesdays for lunch. So thankful for their continuing influence in my life.


  6. Some women that I would consider a mentor, are the aunt who was widowed before the age of forty. She never remarried, lived on a very small amount of money, but always tithed, sent birthday cards to her nieces and nephews and spoke of Gods goodness to her. My husbands grandmother was another one. When I worked in the Human Resource dept of a large business, there was a factory worker who stood on her feet all day, yet left every after noon smiling at everyone and happy to have Jesus in her heart.
    I also agree with Martha Stewart, an expert at what she does.

  7. Hi Rebecca,
    I love this post because it honors some of the very women who have influenced my life. Mentors are important to me for the real life examples that they have provided for my life journey.

    The names you mentioned are among my mentors, too. Some of the men and women I call mentors are also songwriters, their songs have ministered to me at various points in my life. I have posted their pictures at my blog sidebar.

    Amy Carmichael is one, yes Edith Schaeffer is favorite mentor, and so is Corrie Ten Boom.

    Yes, I agree with the qualities in other women that have inspired, simplicity, humility, honesty, a touch of class - these are qualities I have admired in others, and which I aim to have in my own life.

    Thanks for the simple inspiration that you blog gives!


  8. As you can see, I'm behind in blog reading again. This was good for me to read and think about. I've had many women in my life that have influenced me greatly. Both of my grandmas; a couple aunts; two older women I worked with, one when I was in my 20's and one when I was in my 30's; several pastor's wives and Sunday School teachers from my youth. These woman all made a personal investment in my life in one way or another, for which I am most grateful. The strong women of the faith that have already been mentioned of course have influenced me too. As far as Martha Stewart, I prayed for her a lot while she was going through her difficult time. She is an amazingly gifted woman and made it "a good thing" to be interested in all things domestic at a time in history where many "liberated" women were scoffing at that.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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