In Our Devotional "Toolbox"...

Most mornings, my husband and I read from a devotional book and pray together while we enjoy a mug of coffee.  We are almost finished with Dr. Hayford's book, The Heart of Praise.  It has been a very encouraging and challenging book to read.  

I frequently pick up books in thrift stores that we plan to read together.  There are several waiting to be used.  I think we will move to Mrs. Charles Cowman's Streams in the Desert, Volume Two next.  We've read the first volume several times, but we can't recall using this one. 

Mrs. Cowman's are "classics",  much like My Utmost For His Highest, which we've also read a few times.

We read with our Bibles nearby, ready to look up Scripture verses that are mentioned.  

I'd enjoy hearing what devotional aids you have enjoyed!


  1. Just read from "Streams" this morning; also have devoured Chamber's "Utmost"; have added Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" and, of course, have Brother Lawrence's "Practicing the Presence of God" always at my fingertips. Modern day writers?

    Alicia Chole's "Intimate Conversations" and Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling." Two of my favorites.

    I love a good devotional! Hope to add my own to the mix someday soon.

    Thanks for checking in with me today.


  2. If you check my blog in about twenty minutes
    you can see my devotionals that my husband
    and I use. I have used Streams In the Desert,
    both volumes, and they remain favorites.
    I have given one or both volumes as gifts
    to friends several times and they also say
    they have become favorites.
    Certainly enjoy your blogs!
    God bless,

  3. It's nice to meet you Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You are definitely not my mother's age! She is 80! My oldest brother was also married in 1971 so let's say you're the age of an older sister! I love Streams in the Dessert and My Utmost. I also like God Calling. Sometimes I just pick it up when I need a little lift. I am currently in a Bible study of the book of John so most of my time is simply being spent in the Bible. Hope to see you again!

  4. Love "Streams"....I wore the binding off of mine.

  5. Sound like wonderful devotions.

  6. I don't read many devotionals but I do reference Luthers Book of Concord.
    Love Di ♥


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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