Naming It

I did a very quick count and came up with at least 20 different homes I've lived in since birth.  I have felt "at home" in rooms and houses of many shapes and sizes.  Over the years, I have made friends in many different communities.  I have explored shops and neighborhoods everywhere I have lived.  I particularly like to walk in lake neighborhoods where people name their cottages and display the names on sweet signs. 

Of all the houses I've lived in, we've never "named" the house.  I've had a secret longing to do so, but maybe also harbored a silent fear that if I named it, it would be history.  But finally, we've named our house!  I chose a name that seems fitting for THIS house, but could also travel with us when/if necessary.

So, I commissioned Jerie, an artist friend from my past, to create an official sign carrying the name, "Gatescroft".  By spring, I hope to have the tiles framed and hanging on the front porch.

By the way, one day I really will settle down and stay!  And Jesus is working on the place even now!  And it has a name already!  "My Father's House."

John 14:3:  In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you...I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

Have you named YOUR home?  I'd love to know what you call it.


  1. What a wonderful idea...I can't wait to see it when it is done. Please post pictures.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. No, I've never named our home...but I have thought about it. I am always trying to think of a name for our little cottage at the lake too. It's on Moon Lake, so it really shouldn't be that hard...but it is!
    I really love the idea, it shows how much your home means to you. Now I need to think, think, think!

  3. I love that idea! And I love the name you've chosen too!
    We did have a small summer cabin in the woods in upstate New York for awhile and called it the "Jansson Mansion"! And we had a little wooden sign made up by a local craftsman, and then somebody stole the sign! Who would want something so personal?

    The home I'm in now is the one I was raised in and it's never had a name. I should ask my brothers and sisters what they think, it could be fun!

    Blessings to your home, wherever it may be!
    Love to you,

  4. Well I do love the name that you chose for your home Rebecca. We have never named our house but have thought about it in the past. We have named one of our rooms " Happenstance", somehow that would also seem like an appropriate name for our home as well!
    Love Di

  5. I've never thought to name our house, but once thought we should name the property, but settled on naming different paths and areas...Turtle Pass, Deer Crossing and Mole Hill...not very original I'm afraid. Maybe we all should think up a name and report back to you.
    Your name and tiles are beautiful Rebecca!

  6. "Temporary"... that's what I'd name my house.

    I've lived in at least 18 different abodes across five states, Indiana included (although I was quite small at the time). My dad hails from Tyner, IN, near Plymoth (sp?). Anyway, I've learned to keep the tent pegs pliable. I stand in good company with the ancients of old. Can't wait to see your tiles!


  7. Great idea. My heart is called God's dwelling place.

  8. I commented on your blog earlier...
    Are my comments not coming through to you, my friend...? sigh....

  9. In Scotland everyone names their home and the name is placed in a prominent place for all to see.....when asking for directions one only needs the name of the house not the address. I love this idea. My sister and her husband met in Ottawa, Canada so they name their home of 34 years "Ottawa House".........:-) Hugs

  10. I've never named a home. It's something to think about. If I had to name this one, I might call it "house of Oz" because it stands alone in the country, and when the wind blows in the winter, I feel like it's going to be carried away like Dorothy's house!

  11. Love your has a nice ring to it. Is there a story behind it? I name everything. Betsy - my computer, Silver Belle- my car, and the apt. as you know is Secret Haven. I look forward to seeing the sign on your house.

  12. I like your name--a lot. It seems that there is so much you can do with your last name. I love the idea of gates--like doorways--places to go and explore.

    We called our place our nest or Bees Nest--since both of our names start with the letter B and Bob is a beekeeper and I have a pretty strong nesting nature. Boring that I called my blog the same as our place.

  13. Rebecca,
    I loved this post, we have wanted to do the same for ours, and have passed around many different names. After reading this post, I am inspired to do something for real. I really like your design and the name that you have chosen, but like you I know that one day I will be going to my permanent home that already has been named for me.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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