Just when I think I can't add one more blog to my reading list, I stumble upon yet another one that triggers my thinking and helps me clarify my "bloggy thoughts".  It happened yesterday when I read not only the post but also the comments.

Nancy expressed some of her ideas about "followers" and "comments" in two separate posts.  And many, many people commented.  It's as interesting to read the comments as the post itself!
From time to time, it is good to evaluate WHAT we do, WHY we do it, and HOW we do it. The 20 minutes I spent at Nancy's Life in the Second Half prompted me to begin that evaluation. I want to complete it by the first of February and (maybe) condense it and put it in the sidebar of my primary blog.

Meanwhile, I continue to blog  for the pure pleasure of it.  Communicating my "heart", establishing friendships, expanding my intellectual horizons, gathering helpful ideas, creating and affirming beauty, and documenting  the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father are just a few reasons I return frequently to this wonderful, wonderful  medium.


  1. "Meanwhile, I continue to blog just for the pure pleasure of it."

    That sums up why I blog...


  2. Blogging makes me feel part of the bigger picture, a tie to the world, a meeting of wonderful people I never would have met on my just makes my world bigger, since I am a complete "homebody" here on these 20 acres of land, but I love to explore!
    Smiles to you Rebecca...Wanda

  3. I started blogging as a form of personal journaling, and then it evolved into something very different as doors of friendship and Faith opened wide! Complete strangers stepped into my world and they are no longer strangers but kindred spirits and an enrichment of my soul.
    Love and Prayers,

  4. I have met so many wonderful ladies through "blog~land", you included :)

    I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to share my faith and my love of life!

    Why do I blog? Because it is a great venue for fellowship!

    Blessings dear friend,


  5. Rebecca, if I hadn't decided to blog I would never have met so many beautiful spirits and sharing our journey's together has been such a blessing......:-) Hugs

  6. You all have said it so well! Just look at the geography the five of you represent! Wow. I would have never known about your "neck of the woods" without meeting you. You're right, WANDA, our worlds are so much larger because of bloggging. Our HEARTS are larger, too, because we have opened them to each other - like BERNIE and EILEEN have said.

    MARIA, "fellowship" indeed! In the body of Christ, there are no strangers.

  7. I am very blessed to have met you dear friend through blogging.

  8. Honestly I just do not feel like blogging any more, Just too much stuff happened to even want to ,But my son wants us to keep them.So I guess I will keep mine and Him his.

  9. I agree with all the above comments and feel my world has opened up in a good way because of blogging. I also find I have learned to see myself in a new perspective by the comments and encouragements from my blogger friends. I am inspired to move forward and try new things. I am comforted by prayers. I am having fun! :)

  10. Oh I blog for pure pleasure! And your blog is one of my very favorites so keep on bloggin'!
    Love Di

  11. Rebecca:

    I came over to thank you for your recent comments and just got 'lost' on this beautiful page! Your quotes and scriptures and postings are just loaded! And... they are so many of my very favorites too! We were both blessed with such a rich heritage.

    Yes, the blogging world has definitely added something rich to my life also.

    I will definitely be back to check your page. I've had a good visit here tonight!

    Blessings... keep writing...


  12. My blogging friends are some of the best friends I have. I love all of my blogging sisters and brothers.
    Thank you for being my Sister, Rebecca.

  13. Great post she wrote... I weighed in over there. But in a nutshell, I write because I love to write. If I didn't, I'd given up a while back. It's too hard to just do it because I have some obligation to it.

    I also enjoy the connection I have with other sisters throughout the world. I live a pretty sheltered existence over here; so connection is good!



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)