Cheerful Relinquishment...I'm Working on the Cheerful Part

“What are the areas that you feel are not yours to control and you gladly relinquish them to prayer?”

It was the second lead-in question to our Sunday School lesson on the phrase “Your kingdom come, your will be done” from the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9).

Actually, I think it was a two-part question.  I could give multiple answers to the first part.  But there was one glaring answer…a situation so personal and frightening that I shuddered to name it.   Even as I taught the rest of the lesson, I deliberately closed the door on it.  Anyway, it really didn’t fall into the realm of the second part of the question:  “…and you gladly relinquish them to prayer.” 

Oh, yes, I had prayed about it.  In my too-typical way.  Voicing it along with a host of other concerns.  But the “gladly relinquish” part?  Not so much.

Not surprisingly, the issue reared its head within a few hours of the Sunday School class, PROVING beyond all doubt that I had not relinquished it.  Not at all!

Many, many months ago now, I was driving the car.  My husband (not unkindly, I might add) gave me an instruction that was difficult to receive for some reason.  The details are honestly lost in the archives of my consciousness.  But I decided that when the two of us were in the car, I would never be the driver again.  I think I may have sat in the drivers seat when he was in the car a total of 3-5 times since then. 

This past situation returned to my mind to instruct me in the present.  I have similarly relinquished my attempt to control  (I prefer the term “arrange”) in the current situation.

I’m working on the gladly part.


  1. It is difficult to surrender control. I, too struggle!!

    I love the music on your blog.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. I try to relinquish all of my worry to the Lord. Granted this can be most difficult at times! But I am working hard on it and I think I'm getting better at it!
    Love Di

  3. Rebecca:

    I struggle with control too! Sometimes it gets in my way to be such a 'strong' personality. And always, it's about what God wants me to yield - to HIM!.

    I'm learning, and it sounds like you are too...

    Blessings friend!


  4. I'm having so much trouble commenting lately, I don't see my comment here either, so I don't know if it's that you didn't publish yet or it's lost.

    But I can commiserate with the 'giving up control', that's one of the most frightening things I think for me, to think I have no control, and it's frustrating too, and giving it up gladly is not what I normally do.
    But once I remind myself that there is One so much Greater to rely on, it becomes much easier, and joy returns.

    Great post! Great reminder!
    Love to you,

  5. Great questions; questions that when "entreated" honestly and with God's Spirit holding the light, make the surrender a bit easier. When dealt with in the dark via my personal management system, questions I rarely ask of myself.

    Right now, I'm dealing with a great many unanswerables; I'm doing better about releasing them to God, but one in particular stubs my toe every time... one involving the special educational needs of my son.

    Thanks for this.

  6. So many things in our domain or in family rearing require us to be strong and in control. I am a first-born of seven, and I definitely was put in charge of much. So from the beginning I was "mommy's big girl" which implied that I had responsibilities beyond my years. Our culture rewards those who are strong, aggressive, even domineering in some way. So the fleshly nature we were born with is enhanced from an early age. No wonder Jesus said that we would be "free indeed" when HE sets us free. Free from all that weight we pile upon ourselves and all the sinful ways it leads us to act. Cheerful relinquishment? humm...never thought about the cheerful part. Seems like I always end up finally relinquishing after a huge spiritual battle! I need to change my ways!

  7. I was raised by a very "controlling" mother. This of course, caused me to try to be the same way with my husband. It was not a good idea and we suffered greatly for this.

    Now, control is not so much in my vocabulary as it is "arranging" :)

    Blessings to your day dear friend,


  8. Very good question. I believe in prayer, and meditation, and then opening to the possibilities that unfold.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog today. And to answer your question - I sometimes answer people in the comment section, and other times I just visit their blogs. I don't think there is a right answer - it's whatever the post leads you to do. Sometimes it's an ongoing conversation, and sometimes the comments really don't need a response. Does that make sense?


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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