Thrifty Fashion at Sixty

Garage sale long-sleeved black shirt
Thrifted black denim vest
Thrifted belt
Thrifted paisley skirt
Thrifted black sandals

All items were in my closet. I'd never worn them together before. All totaled: No more than than $5.00. When I added the vest, it all came together!
(Don't worry about clothes...) But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:28 & 33)
  • Versatility
  • Good fit
  • Classic
  • Simple
  • Easily maintained
  • Modest
  • Appropriate
  • Attractive
  • Affordable


  1. You wear His beauty very well my friend, I love you.

  2. You look marvelous! Cute outfit... Oh, that I look as good as you at 'sixty'!

    What a testimony to His faithfulness and provision ~ and lover of beauty!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I really liked the vest and the skirt and can't believe you bought all that for five dollars! I love thrift shopping too but the prices on clothes are a little higher here.
    I am not very fashionable but wear what is comfortable! I loved your ensemble!
    Love Di

  4. Oh yeah, Di! Add comfort to my list. The skirt was purchased in a bag sale. All you could stuff into a large paper grocery bag for $5. And I know I got the black top for $.50.

    I usually don't go to the better known thrift stores but seek out small, out of the way ones and/or look for 1/2 price days, etc.

  5. You look mahhh va lusss! You look so pretty, and inspire me at 62 that being fit is half the battle! I need to take a walk and get these pounds off!
    Oh, and your right, comfort is a major criteria!

  6. My daughter also has the thrift store shopping gift and like you, makes her clothes look fabulous. I do good with tidy.

  7. I've just recently started buying clothes at church sales. I got a beautiful designer blazar for $5.00! And then I got designer label shoes, tops, and sweaters for a total of $12.00! I was so happy!
    I used to have an aversion to buying used clothes, I think because my Mom hated the idea (and I think she hated it because she grew up in the Depression and they were VERY poor, and she vowed never to live like that again, nor would her family, we were poor too as kids, there were seven of us, but we always had new clothes and shoes), but now I happily wear other people's cast-offs!
    I'm mostly a jeans (or khakis) and tee shirt type of person anyway, but sometimes it's fun to 'dress'!
    You did very well with your choices!
    All the best,

  8. You look Marvelous!!!!

    The outfit is chic, comfortable, modest, lovely ;)

    lady m

    ps: all that walking has surely paid off, yes?

  9. Dee, May I "steal" that "I do with tidy" comment?! I absolutely LOVE it!

    And Pat, being fit IS half the battle.

    And it's not about being proud. Before I was fit, I was frumpy. I didn't care and tried to cover up the mess. I know God loves me frumpy or tidy....but frumpy doesn't reflect very well on His care for me!(Oh no! I feel a post coming on!)

  10. You are looking great--more and more like your mother and that is a wonderful compliment. Your mom has always been beautiful. All of your discipline is certainly worthwhile!
    Blessings, B.

  11. You are beautiful...inside and out!!
    (I love your hair!)
    Hugs from Jackie

  12. Rebecca, I love your look, when I think what I pay for clothes and look what you have done and with $5.00.....I have to find a thrift store and have a good look around. I always donate to them/they come and pick them up. I only give good clothes away that I no longer wear so I am sure others do the same. I now realize what a great idea this is.....Hugs

  13. You look SO good!! The outfit definitely helps to give you a chic look. But the last time I saw you I was impressed with how good you look. Your diligence and discipline have definitely paid off!

  14. Everyone will be going to thrift shops looking for an outfit just like yours's very nice...You model it well!

  15. Great job, Rebecca and you look so 'chic'! A friend of mine in Chicago used to get (still does) designer clothes at the nearby Salvation Army thrift store. She always called it "Sally's boutique"! Lots of treasures can be found in these places!

    blessings and hugs,


  16. Rebecca, it seems like you are having a great time with a new-found freedom in being "fit"! I checked out your new blog...very nice! I also love thrifting but I've tended to have my eyes on household items and children's clothing...humm...I need to rethink this and try looking for some clothing items for myself. It's not that I'm opposed to wearing 2nd hand things, but shopping for clothes for me is usually a traumatic experience and I need to try things on. So I'll need to go on days I don't have the grandchildren along. Now just look at how many people you have inspired today!!

  17. Jacquelyn - True. "Fit" has brought new enthusiasm to my life. But "Thrifting" is helping me find clothes at affordable prices. I'm not a shopper by nature. I stay out of malls because of prices. Style magazines show purses at $499-$3,999! What is a person supposed to do?

    In the past I, too, have tended to have my eyes on household items. But I am finding necessity to be the mother of invention and am enjoying the journey!

  18. You are gorgeous!! And I LOVE the looks very, very pretty!! You do not look sixty!! I think true beauty comes from the inside...and it really shows on you!!!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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