Thift Store Shopping - A True Green Experience

 In answer to a recent comment on one of my posts, I responded:
True. "Fit" has brought new enthusiasm to my life. But "Thrifting" is helping me find clothes at affordable prices. I'm not a shopper by nature. I stay out of malls because of prices. Style magazines show purses at $499-$3,999! What is a person supposed to do?

In the past I too tended to have my eyes primarily on household items. But I am finding necessity to be the mother of invention and am enjoying the journey!

When you find a clean, well-organized thrift store, you are embarking on a "true green experience"!  For those of us who are part of a one-income family (and even for those with extra money to spend),  thrifting is one of many options to help us live responsibly and wisely.
 I'll try not to go overboard on this "thrifting" topic.  Please forgive my tangent!


  1. I appreciate you sharing on this topic, I think it is wonderful my friend.

  2. Oh Rebecca , I love thrifting! My older daughter and my daughter-in-law love it too and we have found the greatest bargins! This may sound silly but I find that something that was previously owned is much more special to me than something new. I really feel like I have found a treasure! I have almost my whole house decorated from items from the second hand stores. And my most favorite pair of jeans I ever owned , were from a thrift store. I literally wore them out and still miss them!! You can talk as much about thrifting as you want!
    Love Di

  3. Oh, Rebecca, I LOVE this topic!
    And even on those 'home project' type blogs, that is the thing that attracts me most! When I see a beautiful table setting that has been laid out by thrift finds, such beautiful tables set from Goodwill shops all for under $12.00! It really makes me feel happy to see that!
    And I'm with Diana, I love things with a bit of history. I love anything with a story behind it. And even things I come across (in the trash), if I don't know the story behind it, I like to guess at the history of it. Things in my home that I use now, I love to think what the previous owner may have used it for in their home.
    And the beautiful outfit you put together from your thrift finds makes me happy too!
    So thrift away! I'm a big fan!
    All the best,

  4. Dear Rebecca,

    Thanks for stopping by! I love thrift shopping. I can't tell you how many times I have found designer brand name suits for less than $10.00. We're talking Donna Karan, Ann Taylor, Jones New York, etc. If bought at retail, these are quite pricey. I have also found practically new shoes with brand names such as Via Spiga, which are very expensive at the malls.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rebecca, if it weren't for your posts I would never have considered shopping at a thrift store now I am looking for one.....the only one I have found so far is downtown Edmonton and since I don't know the city I don't think I could find it on my own....but I am not giving up, there has to be one closer to me. I am going to ask my friends as I think one of them thrift shops often....please don't stop posting about this. It is very inspiring just knowing of the bargains you find. Have a wonderful weekend......:-) Hugs

  6. So very glad to meet you, Rebecca!!!! I love making new friends!!!!And it is evident that you are not only a friend but a sister, as well!!! And I am looking forward to getting to know you better!!!! Your blog is so very uplifting!!!! I love it!!!! God bless you!!!! Janine XO

  7. I can't imagine any one needing a purse that cost $500...I admire your thrift shopping Rebecca...and enjoy reading of your good deals.

  8. Go for it! You look great and I am sure it is so fun to find skinny clothes to wear! Wish I were there. It takes lots of discipline and just plain work! Congrats and have fun!

  9. We are a one income family with 4 kids! I'm all about the thrifting; my older boys have finally reached the age (college) of thinking that finding a good bargain is a gift rather than "less than". Thanks for visiting the blog Rebecca. I love that you are a lifetime-learner. Me too. The best posture of all of humanity.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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