Vintage J.C. Higgins 3-Piece Luggage

I couldn't resist this 3 piece set of vintage J.C. Higgins luggage at a garage sale this afternoon! According to some information I've discovered on the internet, this is a "a rare find. Hard bodied vintage luggage was made only from 1940-1961 by J.C. Higgins and sold at Sears."

And there they sat! In amazing vintage condition with original tray (although the tray is cracked) with metal hinges on the back and two working front latches. All three are in wonderful condition: very few and minimal scratches, discolorations, and scuffs on the outside. The middle case has a small nick in it (shown in smaller photograph) and a bit of a stain in its interior. Overall, they're clean and in excellent vintage condition with beautiful coffee colored exterior, gold toned hardware, deep brown tray and the HUGEST mirror I've ever seen in any traincase. Two of the original I.D. tags came with the suitcases, but no keys.

My trouble is, I already have too many vintage suitcases! I use them to hold art supplies and out of season clothes. I use them for several other storage purposes as well as every time I travel! (I've gotten some very nice compliments on them, too.)

If you're interested in owning this set, contact me on Facebook or leave a comment here with a way I can reach you.

Did I mention, I really like VINTAGE?
Do YOU have a favorite vintage piece?


  1. I'm sooo glad you like vintage.
    You should come here and see the home my son and daugher and law (and grandchildren) are buying (next door to us!!! Yes!!) It belonged to Jack's parents...who passed away...has been up for sale for 2 years...and I'm thankful to God that our son and family were able to buy it. I say all that to say this. It was built 40 years ago.....Ramon (Jack's Dad) had it built...and it is as solid as a ROCK! And you should see the bathroom. No one else would like it....but perhaps YOU!! (and me!!) It is pink ceramic tile...I'm talking the Jetson's age "pink"...It has a walk-in shower with a recessed light which was virtually unheard of when Ramon built the house. He built it to last forrrever...put a basement in it (something else unheard of here in the south..) He was from Connecticut...and brought his "Nawthern" love of basements with him; I hope that my son and his family will live there for that long...if not longer. They have a 3 acre yard (plenty of room for the children to play)...and when we were going through the attic, we found plenty of these vintage suitcases....I think Jack's Mama's were blue!...I love vintage too! Now, we have a 120 acre farm...with our family living a few acres over from us. Life is good!!! Thank you for sharing! It made my heart smile!!! Real big!!!

  2. Oh Rebecca, I love this luggage, and would dearly love to own it as I love anything vintage but I live in a condo and do not have any more room, I am also blessed with a new set of Hey's luggage. I am sure there are many who really need these suitcases and I know you will find a good home for them. I wouldn't of been able to resist them either, a great find!
    Have a great day my friend.....:-) Hugs

  3. Jackie, I couldn't be happier for you! I would definitely like the pink tile. And walk in shower! All tiled, I'm sure. Does it have those see-through glass blocks in it anywhere?

    To have your family so close will be special for all of you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and give God thanks.

  4. Oh wow dear friend, this is a beautiful find!

    They look so nice stacked on top of each other.

    I would love to have them!...they will be used to store fabric that I am working on instead of the plastic bins.

    Could you let me know how much you would want for them?


    lady m

  5. What a neat find Rebecca! It brings back memories of a blond colored marble look set my mother had. I think they had gotten really worn with use over the years. We had three old trunks too. I think they eventually fell apart they were so old. I wonder if mom still has that luggage? Anyway I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding them a new home!
    Love Di

  6. Wow! Did you get a wonderful find! They are beautiful!
    I have a few old suitcases from my grandparents and my great-aunt, and I love them! For a long time I had them stacked and used for storage and as an end table. They are in the attic now, but seeing these is making me think I'll drag them out again!
    I also have a big old steamer trunk that belonged to my grandparents, that I used to use as a coffee table, but it's stored in the attic now too.
    Time to repurpose I think!
    Beautiful! And very generous of you to be willing to give them up. I'd be tempted to horde them even though I wouldn't have a use for them. You have such a good heart!
    God Bless you and the one you pass this on to!
    All the best,

  7. Well that was fast...a possible buyer already Rebecca...I really like the color of the luggage.

    I have a vintage picnic basket, tins, jewelry,
    tools and other old things handed down from grandparents and some old luggage, but not as nice as yours.

  8. I LOVE vintage. Not long ago, I needed a vintage suitcase for a photo shoot involving my children. I asked around my group of women and was able to secure one from her attic, although not as in good shape as these. I look forward to coming back to "see" more of your finds along these lines; by the way, you're outfit is darling!


  9. What a lovely Blog to enter while I was searching for J C Higgins Vintage Luggage! Please send me an e-mail if you still have this set:
    I love almost anything vintage and have collected ladies vintage items for half my life - jewelry, vanity sets, old purses, et al.
    My husband and I are in the process of building a 1937 Ford Delivery Hotrod and I am 'designing' the interior. I want vintage luggage for the car and we found 2 Oxford Brown pieces just this past weekend at a Flea Market at a fabulous price. My plan would be to have my husband use the 2 brown pieces and I would use a 3-piece Higgins set. Please let me know the status of your beautiful luggage set. Bless you, Joanie

  10. What a lovely Blog to enter as I was doing a search on J C Higgins vintage luggage! I, too, had a fabulous find of J C Higgins luggage (2 pieces) this past weekend at a flea market. I am looking for this type of luggage because my husband and I are building a 1937 Ford Delivery Hotrod and I want vintage luggage for this car. It will be featured in many car shows through the country and I think the luggage will go beautifully with the car. I also love everything vintage! From jewelry to clothes, to coffee pots and then some! If you still have this wonderful 3-piece set, please let me know - it would have a wonderful home and would be used for our car travels. my e-mail address is:

  11. Hi. Am wondering if you ever sold the luggage set that you bought back in 2009. If not, what are you wanting for it?

  12. Dear Anonymous, No, I never sold it (and as I looked at your question, I see two above it asking me to send them info. I have NO idea why I didn't know that request was there.)

    At any rate, I'd like $25 for the 3 pieces. I have NO idea what postage would be. It would need to be added in (or if you live close enough, perhaps I could arrange pickup or delivery).

  13. Just getting over the flu. Am interested. I live in Colorado Springs, 80907. Could you, please, find out what the shipping would be, and let me know. Also, how would youn like the payment?

  14. Irene, I just found out shipping to Arizona (including packaging, etc.) would be $74! I'm assuming NObody is going to want it shipped. I guess I'll try locally - Craig's List, etc. I was absolutely shocked!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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