Warriors of God

I'm sure our fine library had to send someone
deep into the stacks to find this book for me--
but what a treasure!
After reading an essay (also by Walter Nigg) about St. Francis of Assisi,
I began reading THIS book.
I wish I owned it!  
I would be underlining and making other comments and marks
in its margins.
Quotes such as these challenge me from the chapter about the first "warrior"--St. Anthony.
"A pandering to the crowd spells mortal danger to Christianity;
Anthony pointed to the remedy.  I a Christianity of the crowd there ceases to be
any genuine relationship between God and the soul,
which, if it is to be real, must be personal."
"The flight of the hermits in the age of Constantine was a movement
from the outward to the inward, a preserving of the content of religion
from the canker of superficiality, 
a withdrawal from futility into the center of being." 

What book(s) do YOU wish you owned?
And why?


  1. "...which, if it is to be real, must be personal."

    Amen to that.

    So much truth here. We have to run from the superficial. It's like eating a candy bar when you need a good dinner instead.

    The book I would have? It's one that many not have been written. What Makes God Laugh. (There probably is one called that!)

    1. Yep! That WOULD be interesting!

    2. Also...

      "A pandering to the crowd spells mortal danger to Christianity..."

      This is so true.

      I came back to read it again. :)


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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