Right Under Your Nose

 This week, some of the most beautiful sights
 are unfolding "right under our noses"*
 in our back yard.
It doesn't get any closer, simpler or more beautiful than this!
*Ever wonder about the origin of that idiom, "Right under your nose?"
It is said to date back to the 1500s...
 In 1641 in The Copie of a Letter sent from The Roaring Boyes in Elizium, these lines:
"Can you my worthy hosts sit and see those
That make you weare od money in your hose,
Under your nose triumphing?"
The phrase means being oblivious to something that should otherwise be easily seen.
(What the three lines from 1641 mean, is NOT so obvious to me.)
Lately it seems I AM frequently challenged
when it comes to finding things that are
Right Under My Nose!
Anyone else????



  1. Beautiful blooms dear Rebecca ~ yes, we often miss loveliness right under our noses. Sometimes I notice a flower all closed up and I had missed it's joyous beauty.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

    1. You have so many MORE flowers than we do, Lorraine, but I can tell that each one is appreciated and enjoyed by you! ♥

  2. Beautiful blooms, beautiful thoughts! I also enjoyed your foot spa post! Have a blessed day,

    1. Thanks for stopping in! (Currently enjoying a cool, rainy spring day...)


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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