Exercise, Organize, Prioritize

A while ago, I copied this Morning Blessing from Susie Larson's facebook page
to the top of a document that I visit frequently:

  May you be motivated to exercise, organize, and prioritize. 
May you embrace the grace to tend to the important things so they don't become urgent things.
 May God bless you with focus, clarity, and inspiration 
to live an anointed and purposeful life starting today. 
May abundant grace and startling clarity be yours today!
A few days later, Alvin Reid's tweet sealed the deal.  
If you reschedule 15 minutes a day from wasted time to productive time 
you gain nine 10-hour days of productivity (91.25 hours).
 It sounded too good to be true, so I got out pad and pencil and did the math.
Sure enough!
In one year I could accomplish 91.25 hours of work just by using 15 "wasted" minutes a day.
And so I consciously committed to this yesterday.
My 15 minutes were spent washing these enamelware pieces
that had sat on our porch all winter.
Having accomplished that task, I realized I didn't need all of them anymore.
I listed them on a local facebook garage sale site and within minutes they were pending sale.
Today I will meet the buyer and make the exchange.

~ exercise, organize, and prioritize ~


  1. I so needed to read this today. Thank you for posting it. It's a very long story but this evening I was sitting here asking the Lord what my purpose is just now. I am an empty-nester, living alone, working a part-time job (which is very rewarding) but which leaves many hours to do - what? The quote from Susie Larson will be my prayer. Thanks again.

    1. Over and over and over again, the Lord has used her Morning and/or Evening Blessings which she posts daily on her facebook page to encourage me very specifically. May you find HIS purpose to be yours today. Thank YOU for commenting. ♥

  2. I like that idea of using small increments of time to accomplish something. Too often, I fritter away those small amounts. Thanks for sharing this and inspiring me!

    1. :) Sure! I'm inspiring myself here!


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