Page Eleven

I love the way this book is covered and bound!
The pre-Christmas day had come to a peaceful end.
Winter solstice with its long, dark night accentuated by lunar eclipse
offered the perfect opportunity to begin to read in earnest.
Anticipation had been building all day.
I propped the pillow just so under my head, opened the book
and began to read.
My reading came to a halt on page eleven.
I found it FULL of wonderfully descriptive words and phrases,
Without pen and paper, I feared waking in the morning 
and not being able to remember them all.
So reluctantly, I closed the book and went to sleep.
~Sarah was tall and gaunt, with gray hair strained back from a grim, determined countenance.  She had a heart of gold, though she kept it hidden, and her preference was for the gloomy side of life
rather than the sunny one~
~she exclaimed sepulchrally~
~The temptation to annoy Sarah by taking an optimistic view was 
one he had never been able to resist.~
~Not a very beautiful collection, perhaps, but part of Grandmother and therefore priceless.~

This morning while the men of the house work to install a bathroom heater/vent/fan
(an early Christmas present),
and while the rest of you are probably busy with last-minute shopping, decorating, 
wrapping, cooking and baking,
I will resume reading on Page Twelve after I look up the definition of sepulchrally
(although I have a general idea of what it means).


  1. Finding time to read is one of my many passions. I hope to do a great deal of it in January.

  2. I want to find this book! My friend Brenda re-reads it every Christmas!

  3. I am putting this book on my want to buy and read list. Elizabeth Goudge is the main author I have on my not yet read list. Anthony Trollope was on that list and now I have read 15 of his brilliant books, so I am making progress. Merry Christmas. This is a hard one for me, my first without my dear hubby.

    1. I wish you fond memories and quiet moments, friends and family to match the tears this first Christmas without your husband. And I need to read some more Trollope books. I've only read a few--and those awhile ago.. ♥

  4. Wonderful to do exactly what you choose to do on Christmas...I think it comes with our age!

  5. While I was on my blog break earlier this year I spent time reading novels. Something I hadn't done for a long time. Now that I'm blogging again I'm not reading books at all. I need to change that somehow.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)