Saints Everyone

 The rain ended just in time for the party to begin!
A lovely Saturday evening in the company of old friends
from a former ministry.
 Dave grilled the burgers...
Class chairman, Rick, his wife, and a stellar committee
planned a most enjoyable experience.
Carry-in food was delightful, and I tasted endive for (I believe) the first time.
 I was introduced to the card game, Wizard.
 We sang some old songs,
heard testimonies of God's goodness to many of the group members,
 and then my father gave the devotions based on Psalm 32:7.
God is our Hiding Place - including the example of Noah and the ark
(the ark being Noah's hiding place).
Just as the evening was coming to an end, 
a rainbow appeared outside the shelter...
like the smile of God on this group of dear friends.  
Saints everyone!

♪ We're the people of God, 
called by His name 
Called from the dark and delivered from shame
 One holy race, saints everyone 
Because of the blood of Christ Jesus, the Son ♪
(Wayne Watson)


  1. I love my Brithers and Sisters in Christ!

    1. Hi, "Jackie.
      Me, too (love my Brothers & Sisters in Christ).

  2. What a wonderful gift from God that rainbow was at the end of a very nice time together.

    Have a lovely week dear Rebecca. Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Yes, it was! Looking forward to hearing how YOUR week unfolds♥

  3. How precious that God ended such a great evening with a sign of His promise!!! He's so good! HOPE your Father is doing well. It looks like you all are taking really good care of him.

    1. We're doing our best :)
      Have a positively blessed week, Deb!

  4. I love this! That is what I rejoice over, those who have walk the walk and stayed faithful for decades. These are the treasures in the church.

  5. Looks like you all had a good old fashioned time! Love this type of fellowship.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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