More re. Pilgrim's Inn

There were just enough great lines in this book
to keep me reading till then end.
Lines like these...
  • There were times nowadays when Lucilla uttered aloud the sentiments that she thought she was only thinking.  This was obviously one of those times.
  • "I'll help you wash up," said Nadine, with that too-bright willingness of the guest who is weary of domesticity and hopes to goodness her noble offer will be refused.
  • Lucilla's chronic difficulty in realizing that her children were not only grown-up, but elderly, was further increased in the case of her son George by the fact that he never had fully grown up.
  • ...though they were back in the old grooves they were back there without the old ardor.
  • She was a good and affectionate mother-in-law, provided the women her sons had taken to wife did not attempt to manage them...
  • She always refused to be hurried.  Hurry was so aging.
  •  "We work under orders but not under our own steam."  (Hillary re. responsibilities as a priest)
  • Increasingly, as he got older, he enjoyed things.
  • And if his rheumatism keeps him awake most of the night he won't mind much, for it'll give him the opportunity of a few more wakeful hours in which to praise God.
  • There's nothing like good slashing personal criticism for begetting humility.  A conceited man never yet made a good artist.  How could he?  Satisfied, you stick where you are.
  • That was the bet thing about old age; it didn't leave you with much upon which to congratulate yourself.
  • It's queer, but after people are dead, you find that you understand them better.
  • No one has the right to seek ease of conscience at the expense of another's happiness; that's selfish, too.
  • I only know that here and now, today, the happiness of those we live with is what matters.
  • The readiness is all.  (Quoting Hamlet, I believe)
  • The more she cared for people the more did she see their faults and labor for their removal with the perseverance of someone with a piece of emery paper rubbing away at the rust on a bright sword.
  • They (the young) must build, of course, but relying upon the judgement of the old.

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Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)