Reading is Fundamental

My father wheeling my mother into the Activities Center where he and my husband would  play pool....
 I couldn't help thinking of this scene (and many others) when I read and underlined these words:
"The old are wounded too but more used to bearing it."

Reading The Duty of Delight: the Diaries of Dorothy Day is taking me a long time.  
For one thing, it's a long book (almost 700 pages).  
For another, it is intense.  
For another, it is timeless. 
For yet another, I have had similar thoughts, resolutions,
impatiences and yearnings.
Very few pages have been turned before I underline, star, or write a word or two in the column.
I want to absorb these words into my character.
I read slowly because I don't want it to end.

I'm in the 1970's part of her diaries  The last active decade of her life.
Here, in her mid seventies. she writes, 
"The fact that this may be the last year of my life should make me faithful in keeping this diary."

No matter how old I get (and I am 75 in Nov 1972, this year), no matter how feeble,
short of breath, incapable of walking more than a few blocks, what with heart murmurs, heart failures, emphysema perhaps, arthritis in feet and knees,
with all these symptoms of age and decrepitude, my heart can still leap for joy
as I read and suddenly assent to some great truth enunciated by some great mind and heart.
(Dorothy Day)

Without a doubt, MY heart still "leaps for joy" as I read
and contemplate the impact of Ms. Day's great mind and heart!
Reading IS fundamental.


  1. This just makes me consoder how short it is, our visit on this rock. And I love that you tagged this in part "gracious women." I aspire to be gracious. I aspire to love just like this.

    God bless you.

    1. I also aspire to spell consider correctly.

    2. I aspire to spell correctly, period! And yes, to be gracious. I am encouraged that all her life, Dorothy returned to this desire - honestly admitting her weakness (which under the circumstances I find almost excusable).

  2. What an encouraging post to be a more gracious woman.

    Thank you dear Rebecca ~ FlowerLady

  3. That picture is precious. I've never heard of the book, but really like the quotes you profound. HOPE you have a great weekend.

    1. These quotes were the tip of the iceberg! (Not even the tip!) "You love God as much as you love the least" was one of the ones that Dorothy penned over and over again.....and yes, I treasure the picture and others like it. My precious Mother and Father HAVE set me such an example in living with the disappointments - and wounds even - that life comes with to all of us.....


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