"...all is an opportunity to give thanks to God"
Giving thanks for everything

Every day we are given opportunities for acquiring a grateful heart. Whatever comes our way, whether it be good or bad, are occasions for being grateful. When we realize that even difficulties and hardships are allowed by God for our salvation, we are more likely to received whatever comes, with a grateful heart. Whatever life places before us, all is an opportunity to give thanks to God.

The difficulties we face are opportunities to embrace with a trusting heart, that which God has allowed. Our willingness to please God governs our response, and in turn nurtures a humble heart, and a humble heart opens the doors to a peace that passes all understanding, and the Gates of Paradise are opened wide to us.

Love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

I receive Abbot Tryphon's "letters" on facebook.  
He writes from  All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Christian Monastery.
Always thought-provoking and wise.   
Gratitude is a popular subject on blogs and in books...  
plenty written about it.  
Hints about how to practice it abound.
Folks post their "daily five" for the world to see.
Ann Voskamp is light years ahead of me.
The timing of this particular reminder 
couldn't have been better for me personally.
I have "miles to go before I sleep"
when it comes to this - and so many other - subjects.


  1. It's so difficult to be grateful for the "hard times". As I look back over my life, I realize it was those times that brought me closer to the Lord, though. I, too, "have miles to go before I sleep", my, too!!! HOPE your knee is improving and each and every day you find more and more peace....that's another word that's been on my mind so much lately....PEACE!!! Happy Saturday!

  2. 'Whatever happens in life ~ be thankful.' I have learned that God never forsakes us during the 'whatever' times of our life. He is my footprints in the sand! Hope you have a very happy and blessed day!

  3. Indeed... "praise Him in the storm."

  4. There is always something to be thankful for. I try to see those things all the time, but it's not all the time easy.

  5. Beautiful thoughts and that photo is so lovely, Rebecca!

  6. I find the thankful response just automatically comes to me now...such as with my ankle sprain...some times it takes a day or two but it comes...♥

    1. You are amazing, Dee. That's encouraging to hear - that the thankful response comes automatically after awhile...


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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