"The power of words is that they have the power to do more
than convey meaning; not only do they have the power to make things clear,
they have the power to make things happen."  (Frederick Buechner)
 We DID get the tour of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC!
 I took a "ton" of pictures!
 When I downloaded them (or is it UPloaded?) into a facebook album,
 I realized how many of them were pictures of WORDS!
 Various forms...
Quotations, explanations, and Scripture verses.
 I knew it before, but this experience confirmed it!
I love words!  (Notice the words on Ruth Bell Graham's tombstone above.)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1 
“A man with a scant vocabulary will almost certainly be a weak thinker. The richer and more copious one's vocabulary and the greater one's awareness of fine distinctions and subtle nuances of meaning, the more fertile and precise is likely to be one's thinking. Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing.” (Heny Hazlitt, Thinking as a Science)


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Enjoyed all the pictures.........and love what they put on Ruth's tombstone. Isn't that the truth....He is
    finished with any of us yet, we aren't what we used to be yet we are not yet what be are to become......it's a marathon of growth not a sprint for sure............
    Thanks for sharing your pics. Enjoyed them ........
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Interesting...a good insight in to their life...I wonder what my library would be like for the world to see? :-/

    1. These pictures didn't begin to show the 14,000 books that are/were his library! It was actually more a museum then library!

  3. Really nice post. I love words too! I use more words than most people, so my friends say! Great ideas for a post. I also take a lot of pictures of "signs" when I'm traveling. I find them so interesting but never acquainted it with my love of words. Thank you for the connection--I will now realize when I take a photo that it goes right along with my love of writing, speaking, etc.!

  4. praying for your dad, love you.

  5. Friend, I am glad you were able to spend some time in this special place. I've never visited there, but I hope to soon. We've been to the Cove several times. Ruth wanted to be buried there. It is an equally lovely and peaceful place.

    I hope you are well.

    1. Looks like she ended up buried at Charlotte! It really IS a special place. The office building has several deliberate Cove-like features - the fireplace, for instance...


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)