Message from a Mug

A thoughtful gift from a special friend yesterday
came layered with meaning.
I've been waking frequently during the night recently.
I've spent a few hours trying to analyze "why"...
and occasionally I have prayed--
"occasionally" being the operative word here.
 So many needs, great and small, exist all around me.
This mug with a message tells me to turn those waking hours 
into hours of prayer.  Not to waste ONE minute of them!
(Interestingly, a few friends have been reporting similar experiences--
waking up in the middle of the night.
I believe that like the child Samuel who heard his own name called
in the night and hurried to Eli, an elderly priest sleeping in the other room, 
to question what was going on,
I/WE are hearing a clear call to prayer.)
Tonight, when it happens to me, I WILL be ready.
I WILL pray.  I won't waste a sleepless minute.

By the way, have YOU had any calls to prayer lately?


  1. I have had quite a few wake ups in the middle of the night this past year, and prayer has been a calming in my life. Before I know it I'm waking up again ready to start the new day. God is continually with us, He hears are every call.

    May you continue to feel God's loving presence and strength flowing through and surrounding you dear Rebecca.

    Thank you for all of your love, support, prayers and encouragement this past year.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2014.


  2. Lovely coffee mug (or for me it would be a tea mug). I, too, have been waking up in the night for several weeks now; not every night, but a few nights a week. I am getting quicker and quicker at praying when I awaken and asking God, "what is it, who is it that needs prayer" or I begin praising God and then begin praying...

    I am thankful I have learned recently not to be "frustrated" when I wake up in the middle of the night - but now, I embrace it as a time of praise and prayer.

    Hope your Christmas celebration found you surrounded by those you love and filled with wonder and awe.

    Abundant blessings upon you and the family in 2014. I appreciate you and give thanks that God brought you into my life ~ Joanie


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