Brothers and Friends

I'd spent almost the entire day with my mother at the nursing home yesterday.  
We'd enjoyed ourselves....making some designs using an old Pegity game I'd taken along
 and putting together a 24-piece Disney puzzle.
We skyped a couple of my children and took a few of pictures of ourselves.
(Now THAT was fun!)
Mother had some company - old friends whose visit was encouraging.
 Then my father and brother (who is spending the week up "north")
 came and joined us in the courtyard 
where we were enjoying the sunshine.
It was time for me to make the 35 minute drive home.
As I went to the car, I noticed one of my back tires was flat,
so I returned to fetch my brother.
 For the first time, Proverbs 17:17 made complete sense to me!
"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity."
After the tire was changed, I went to the passenger side of the car
where I found this note stuck to the window.
Now I understand about
Friends and brothers.
Brothers and friends.


  1. God never ceases to amaze me how HE speaks to us in the everyday. I know I don't always see that. :( I so often wonder how people who don't have a personal relationship with God make it thru. It's so sad to pass these "it's not odd, it's God" things in our lives as luck, or coincidence....neither of which do I believe in. Great post, my sweet blogging friend!! HOPE your day is full of lots of blessings!!!

    1. You're SO right,m Debbie! "It's not odd; it's God!"

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Glad you had such a nice day with your Mom. Isn't skyping fun! We have only done it once, but we plan to do it with Dee on Wed. when we have the baby so they can see each other. Brooklyn loves Dee and carries on so with her, truly funny!!
    That was neat you had a note on your nice to know that there are folks who are obedient to
    the Lord voice and feel they are their brothers keeper............and nice to have your brother there to help
    you in your time of need as well............
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. I'm not sure why, but this just warms my heart this morning. God is watching over us all, so tenderly and lovingly. Praying his good provision over you and your family this morning.

    1. "Tenderly and lovingly"...I'm SO conscious that "underneath are the everlasting arms" (as Elizabeth Elliot says it.).

  4. I enjoyed your post especially because a lady that visited our library the other day discovered a flat tire when she went to leave. We noticed she ended up waiting a significant portion of the afternoon for someone to come and fix her tire so she could drive once again. It appeared to be a commercial towing/maintenance business that finally came to her rescue. A brother is quicker, handier, and probably cheaper--a real big blessing!

  5. How great that your brother was there. Loved seeing you and your mom. So sweet.
    Miss you pal. Thx for the email. I have house pix ready to upoad and post...

  6. So thankful you didn't have trouble on your way home. My brother is 6 years younger than I, and have found in the last 10 years that it is like he's the eldest as he truly shelters my sister and I.

  7. God knew exactly what and who you would need on this day. And, I love the picture of you and your Mom!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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