Head and heart

James E. Bertsche
James Bertsche
J.C. Ryle commenting on Matthew 2:1-12  …there may be knowledge of Scripture in the head, while there is no grace in the heart. Mark how king Herod sends to inquire of the priests and elders “where the Christ would be born.” Mark what a ready answer they return him, and what an acquaintance with the letter of Scripture they show. But they never went to Bethlehem to seek for the coming Savior. They would not believe in Him, when He ministered among them. Their heads were better than their hearts. Let us all beware of resting satisfied with head-knowledge  It is an excellent thing, when rightly used. But a man may have much of it, and yet perish everlastingly. What is the state of our hearts? This is the great question. A little grace is better than many gifts. Gifts alone save no one. But grace leads on to glory.

Oh, I long for BOTH - knowledge of Scripture AND grace!
Head AND heart;
...to be fully devoted.
Harmonized  Integrated. Cohesive.
These three words were used at a memorial service to describe a 91 year old man
whose life was a constant, sometimes silent example of the kind of devotion to Jesus Christ
to which I aspire.  These three words were like arrows to my heart.
Piercing, but totally comforting somehow...just as he was!
James Bertsche!  Wow.


  1. And that's always the challenge, isn't it? Thankful for grace that works it from head to heart.

  2. Grace...the most beautiful word in the world. Your friend James must have been very special.

  3. Amen............what good is knowledge if we don't apply it, and it is only by God's
    grace we can apply it..............He is so good.

    So sorry to hear about your friend James, but yet, I know you are probably celebrating his home going to glory.....what a lovely gift your friend left
    behind as a legacy to many........what a spectacular way to go out!
    He made his last lap the best!! good for him, and for all those he left

    blessings hon,

  4. Lest I give false impressions, this man was off my radar for the past few years - but it was his example and encouragement at critical junctures in our lives (husband and I) that meant so much.


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