Herding Cats

Wikipedia defines "herding cats" this way:  An idiomatic saying that refers to an attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic. Implies a task that is extremely difficult or impossible to do, primarily due to chaotic factors.

Now, I don't especially even LIKE cats....Oh, I think kittens are cute enough, but I don't have a lot of fondness for cats, per se.

However, I have a friend who HAS cats and appears to adore them.  So when I'm out thrifting (less now than in the past), I keep my eyes open for any cat-related items.  Like these that I'm picturing here.

Eventually, these will find their way to her for birthdays and other special events.  Or just for no reason at all.

Back to "herding cats"...I had a shot at it yesterday.  It was NOT fun.  I'm pretty sure I didn't handle it gracefully.  I'm embarrassed by my lack of composure and discouraged by how it went.  I'm uncertain about where to go from here.

I wonder if God ever feels this way?  Technically, I KNOW He's never un-composed so would never feel embarrassed by His lack of composure.  And probably He doesn't get discouraged.    And He's DEFINITELY not uncertain about where to go from here.....

So just how DOES He go about "herding cats"?   Hmmmmmmmmm.


  1. When I was 11 or 12 I had a kitten throw up in my lap. I'm afraid that has clouded my feelings for felines. Ha!

    1. I can't remember any specific incident....I just am not a big fan.

  2. A person either hates cats or loves cats...odd...I am a cat lover. :) Frank and one of his friends when they were teens,tried herding them. He put three or four cats in his car ...no box....to take them to a new home for his neighbor. When he started the car up and drove away they all went bonkers. A couple jumped on his back and scratched and bit him and his friend. They had to stop the car and throw them out. I am not sure they reached the destination they were suppose to go to.

    1. I FELT like stopping the "car" (meeting) and getting out of it myself! I FELT like everyone was going "bonkers". I'm praying we reach the "destination".

  3. Herding cats. Often this is a term used when trying to organize a home school function. Many opinionated parent/teachers!

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Ahhhhhh. Then I think you have an idea how I felt :(

  4. In the ministry sometimes I have that "herding cats" feeling! :)

  5. cats... a bittersweet word. I like them... but a year or so ago one of those ones that showed up at our place bit me so bad... right in the fatty part of my palm below my thumb. It hurt so bad... I'm a little gunshy now coz I never thought that cat would ever bite me. I hope I get over it coz another tom that showed up things I'm the cats meow. lol sorry; couldn't resist. Love how you pick kitty things up for your friend and about herding cats... I'm hoping for a follow up post on that. lol ;)

  6. I wonder if sheep are harder to herd than cats? I suspect so, from all accounts told me by minister friends! I spend my day working with children who have all kinds of issues...many of which are behavioral. It often feels like herding cats. My advice; cut yourself some slack and congratulate yourself for even trying to herd those kitties. Sometimes you can call it a good day just if nobody gets hurt! LOL ;)

  7. That my friend is a very good question, and have to agree with Debora, sometimes we are not who we wanta be and get handed some pretty wierd situations, and sometimes altho to our eyes they look bad, sometimes it
    is not the case with what others see.............for instance, we feel
    like you did a poor job of teaching sunday school, and that will be the
    week someone comes up and says they got so much out of it, and we want
    to fall off our chair..........Truly I wonder so many times how the Lord
    puts up with us at all..................lol
    Take heart sweet friend, life is all about learning and we never stop,
    even if it means herding cats or sheep, and we sheep we are pretty duhhhhh
    Have a good Friday and Weekend,
    Blessings Nellie

    Oh yea, you asked about when megan is due, it is on March 5th and if she doesn't have baby by then we should have one on the 11th, as they will induce labor then. course, it will come in the LORD's time, not there's. My sister was induced and it
    didn't work, so they had to send her home for another week...........oh
    the best laid plans of mice and men..............

    Have a good one!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)