No Question About It

 “If you are an okay preacher and truly godly, people will not be bored.” (a Tim Kelle tweet)

It was the tweet that got me on this "bunny trail" that took me back to the 1960s.  I was a student at Moody Bible Institute.  I WISH I could say that I was a committed participator in one particular church for the three years I was in Chicago, but I wasn't.  I don't know HOW long I went to the First Evangelical Free Church, but I went long enough to remember Arley Bragg.  The name, the brogue (at least that is my recollection today), and the glow of his face as he led the congregation in the Doxology.  There was and is no question in my mind!  Arley loved Jesus.

Today when I read that tweet, I thought of Arley.   I don't remember one sermon he preached,
but I had (and have) the distinct impression that he was a godly man.  
So much so, that  I googled his name and found this: 

Arlington Leonard Bragg was born Sept. 13, 1905 in Loomis, Nebraska, the middle son of Amanda and Albert Bragg. After Wilcox, in 1934, Arley Bragg moved to pastor the Albert City, Iowa Free Church. In June, 1937, he accepted the pastorate of the Central Free Church, 7th St. & 10th Ave., Minneapolis. Mn. A third child was born. (During those years, Bragg hosted a radio program called "The After Church Visit"). In Dec., 1952, Bragg moved to Chicago, to pastor the First Evangelical Free Church, Berwyn and Ashland Avenues. In May, 1970, Bragg and his wife moved to pastor the Lakeville Free Church, Lakeville,Mn. Retirement years were spent living in Roseville, Mn.. During those years Bragg served as Interim pastor in several local churches. At his death, family included three children (and spouse) ten grandchildren and one great grandchild. He died, Nov. 20, 1992. Evalyn died in June, 1995. Bragg served as a beloved pastor, evangelist, and leader. He served on the Boards of various ministries; was well known in the Free Church as a leader; preached in venues across the country. The one submitting this information remembers him as a humble servant of God, a gracious gentleman, and a loving father. Rogene Bragg Nelson

(I assume Rogene is his daughter.)
I wish I had a way to let her know the impression that her father made on me.
And OH--how I pray that SOMEONE 
will know and remember that I loved Jesus, too.


  1. Rebecca, yes, I hope people will recall that I loved Jesus, too.
    Did you do a google search for Rogene? You might find her. OK, I am a librarian so I will do a search too and let you know if I find her.

    1. Oh, Terra! Thank you. I found her listed in Minnehaha Acadamy's publication as a graduate there, but nothing recent.

  2. Hopefully, many years from now,those of us who read your blog will remember that you were a godly woman who loved your Savior. I hope the same for myself.
    Funny, I attended a small church when I was a young woman in my early twenties and the pastor's name was Arley. I always remember him leading us in the Doxology too! I think his last name was Hagerty and his sincere love of the Lord impressed me so much.

    1. Sandy, You probably noticed that THIS Arley's given name was Arlington! I didn't know that until today - but I guess it makes sense.

  3. Indeed Arley Braag had a great impression on you, just loved reading his biography. One thing for sure one day you will have the opportunity to tell him yourself. Dear Rebecca your faith which you so lovingly express on your blog is making the same impressions on others. Isn't it amazing of the domino effect that "true"Christianity makes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. How nice you followed up on him. Odd how people come to mind like that. We never know how what impression we leave on people do we? I do hope the light of the Lord shows through me like it did Arley.

  5. Isn't that what we all hope will be left behind....that they loved Jesus...and forget the rest of what we do or say. One day you will get to tell him yourself...thanks for giving to the Lord, your life was changed.

  6. Morning Rebecca,
    what a lovely lovely tribute to your long lost Pastor, and also a great reminder to us as well. I liked that tweet and think it is very true.
    Cause true Godly Passion burns from clearly have it too.
    I think most believers want to shine like that. It is hard to see ourselves
    and how we come across to people.......I have said many times to my hubby,
    sometimes I wish I could get outside my body and walk around and see what other people see........and hope that I am coming across the way I hope I am! Once in a while the Lord shows us a glimmer thru something positive or encouraging someone says, and it usually surprises us, I think, or at least it does me............and is truly a blessing to savor.
    Have you tried putting his daughters name in facebook. Cause you could possibly send her a private message like that. Just a thought!
    Have a great day hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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