Christmas Celebrating - Details, Charm, Work

 The second Christmas party of my 2012 season was held in the gracious
 home of one of our Lady Bugs (formerly Red Hats) Club members.
 The boxes at each place setting contained home-made TURTLE candy!
 some carol singing...

 and a White Elephant gift exchange were all part of the afternoon.
 After leaving THIS home, we crossed the road to see 
Becky's unique and impressive Christmas village!

 It really is about impossible to document all the intricacies of this amazing collection!

 So many details...
 so much charm...
and so much WORK!

Details. Charm. Work.
It's the behind-the-scenes activity that makes
celebrations so memorable!
Come to think of it, it's that way with the Heavenly Father!
I don't BEGIN to fathom the details and behind-the-scenes activity
that have gone into and ARE going into the operation of the universe
AND my own salvation!
He is ALTOGETHER lovely.
Worthy of my/our unleashed and uninhibited awe and celebration!


  1. Morning Rebecca,
    Looks like yall had a lovely time, and your hostess did a lovely job, and homemade turtles, um um!
    I love those things, they are sooo good, so can
    only imagine how good homemade ones are..........
    This Christmas village is truly amazing, gonna
    have to show this to hubby, as he is fascinated
    by enjoyed these pictures.
    and yes, all those behind the scenes things are so like our heavenly Father, I think so many times if we could only see how many things we
    are protected from behind the scenes, we would
    probably be soooooooooooooo amazed and awwwwwed!
    Well, looks like you are enjoying the season well. Good for you!
    Blessings hon,

  2. The look of your CHRISTmas blog is simple. The white looks so great. I cannot even imagine the work that went into that village....WOW. Our GRAND's would love it....except the youngest one would want to touch and pick up and rearrange!!! ;-) HOPE you have a great day!!!

  3. what a fun day you had! i love lady parties!

  4. I am amazed at the village. How special! It's good for me stop my busy-ness and ponder the "behind-the-scenes" work of my salvation. I'm in awe of my God who willingly gave up His own Son, knowing what He'd face. And in awe of Jesus who gave up His will for His Father's.

  5. I'd love a seat at this table/party! Just to relax and take in the beauty of simple treasures.

    1. ...and the turtles! Don't forget the turtles.

  6. He is altogether lovely indeed! So nice to hear from you again over on my blog, Rebecca. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

  7. what a wonderful party and look at that detail...what joy! Yes He is lovely

  8. Oh, wow. You are having FUN!
    That village is amazing.
    And I must ask, do you ONLY know lovely people? What a wonderful group of ladies gathered in that room.

  9. What a great time you're having with your friends celebrating the KING's Birthday! The village is totally amazing! I have a Nativity Indian Village, but never made the European kind, cause the girls like to play with mine..before my girls and now the grandgirls, lol..I love the ladies and all the fun. The tablescape is lovely too. Thanks for your sweet visit my dear and sweet friend.

  10. Wow, I love your friend's village collection with its magical scenes and lights, and I have a question. I know what Red Hats is, but what is Lady Bugs? Your holiday season is in full swing.

    1. We were Lady Bug Club of Red Hat association until a little over a year ago when we left the official organization. Now we're just plain "Lady Bugs" and don't wear purple and red, etc. Same thing; just no dues or dress "code" :)

  11. Rebecca, thanks for telling me what Lady Bug Club is; it sounds more my style than Red Hats, perhaps with fewer rules. I do like the idea of wearing red and purple though. Also, I love those mantels and quotes in your more recent post, the mantels are all from one mansion, amazing.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)