A recent excursion to Barnes and Noble found me settled in a comfortable chair with a stack of decorating magazines.  I pulled out the calendar/date book from my purse and began to jot a note or two...or three.  I was so inspired!  Here's a sampling:

  • ...a wonderful house where you feel like living, laughing, blossoming (Madeleine Castaing)
  • Above all you have to love a house to make it a success; it's always a question of love (M.C.)
  • (They) discover potential in the forgotten and beauty in the everyday.
  • Live (their) art casually and naturally.  Not a contrived aesthetic.  (to which I added, "MY GOAL!")
  • There are stories to tell all over this house.
  • The room...a typical hodgepodge of artistic inspirations.
  • Philosophy of design work: gentle, practical,inspiring, nurturing, purposeful.
  • Don't be intimidated by audacity; be audacious, but with taste.  You also need intuition, originality, vigor...Don't get taken in by fashion.  A secret:  love your house; love makes miracles. (M.C. again)
  •  Lily of the valley--mulch in spring; divide in autumn.
  • For the chalkboard:  Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift.
  • My eyes and heart are always open to meaningful souvenirs of life.  (Rachel Ashcroft)
  • It's amazing what you find if you look in the opposite direction.  (Kenneth Cole)

  • Surround yourself with comfort and beautiful things. (adapted from Emma Freemantle)
  • Eye-catching evidence of a passionate life.
  • Note to self:  On coffee tables - bottles, books, flat silver bowl, flowers in a simple glass
Where do YOU write random notes?  
What do you DO with them if/after you write them down?
For me, NOTHING replaces hand-written notes to least not yet. 


  1. you mined a lot of treasure at that book store.
    i enjoyed each idea. my most recent decorating
    trip is to "USE" beautiful things rather than just
    sit somewhere. i have a lot of silver from my
    mother in law that i have found fun uses for.
    and of course, it is beautiful.

    1. That is SO hard for me to do (use beautiful things), but I am trying to be a little more intentional about this...

  2. I am a jotter downer and use anything handy...give me a pen and paper any day over electronic stuff. I have a couple of baskets I keep them in...yearly I sort through them and toss things I am no longer interested in...I do have a few journals I have kept..mostly art journals. I am thankful to having a blog to share and connect thoughts with others. The notes come in handy.

    1. Dee, I'm thinking one of your pretty boxes might come in handy for this, too - unless they're all filled up with bills.

  3. I'm embarrassed to say that I write on the inside of my hand (palm.)
    Do you know anyone else who does that?

    1. It's been a long time since I have done that. Sometimes I wish I would have rather than on a random scrap that I mislay! That's why I've come to write it all in this little date pad - going so far as to "index" the pad ("ideas for Christmas gifts" June 15, etc.) Since these are 18 month calendars, the first 6 months aren't used for the calendar. I purchase a new one around late October/November and begin adapting it for use in January. Does that make sense?

  4. I love your list and how you glean from what you is always an inspiration to me and encourages me to do the same...this list is great! Oh laughing at Jackie's daughter does that

  5. Morning Rebecca,
    Don't you just adore the inspiration from magazines.......I so do too!
    You made some wonderful notes there with a lot of great quotes. You are amazing that you gleaned all of that.......loved it.
    especially liked the quote about today being a gift, have seen it before but forgot how it went.

    I keep a spiral bound notebook on my counter in the kitchen, and I write
    my to do list there and other comments or quotes or movies or ideas as well. I am with you about the handwritten notes, somehow when I write it
    down it sort of sticks with me better.

    Hope lil Silas is doing much much better and on his way home soon.
    Blessings for a lovely weekend hon,

  6. I write notes to myself all of the time. The ones for daily use I put in my "daily drawer" and throw then out when finished. The quotes and keepers are in envelopes in my file cabinet.

    I enjoyed very much your notes and quotes.

  7. I try to keep a notebook in my purse. Although I've been known to hit a Barnes and Noble without one and have to purchase one. I'm a bit obsessed with notebooks. It's hard to keep organized, but there's a delight in turning a page in an old one and finding a quote that speaks the second time. I'm always delighted with your notes. Do you go to the Barnes and Noble in Indy? I miss the Borders that was closer to us.

    1. Pamela...Sounds like we're "sisters" in more ways than one! No, we actually live close to Fort Wayne, and though I hardly enter any other part of Glenbrook Mall, we DO hit Barnes and Noble about once a month since Borders is gone....

  8. I have a cool little app on my phone for notes and lists and things to remember........I haven't added to it since before Christmas. I'm not a *plugged in* note keeper. I like paper and pencil.
    I have a place in front of the toaster that I keep a notebook......I know I will be there in that spot to make coffee every morning.....I write all different bath to cilantro!
    I also have another nice little spiral book I keep different things in.....long term goals, sweep sidewalk, reminders for camp-outs, quotes, movies to look up on Netflix, AND blog post ideas. AND a padlock and key for the camping shelter........I MUST not forget that!
    (I LOVE unlined note cards.)


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)