Three Free Found Favors

Try saying THIS three times in a row:  Three free found favors!

While thrift store shopping on Monday, 
I found these three Gideon New Testaments
 to add to my small collection.
They are not to be sold, but customers were welcome to one
free of charge.
I don't like to ask for favors, but I did this time!
I wanted three of them.
I left a donation to the shop which serves many, many people in need.
You may notice that they are in my favorite colors...
but more beautiful than their colors is their CONTENT!
Do you remember receiving a Gideon New Testament when you were in school?
Do you remember what color it was?

Hebrews 4:12-13 from The Message:
God means what he says. What he says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon's scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey. Nothing and no one is impervious to God's Word. We can't get away from it—no matter what.


  1. I do remember ...I believe mine was orange and I was so proud of it.I have a small collection of old bibles that I love very much......blessings

  2. Frank has one from 1960 with his name and address in it and a picture of him, his sister and is red.

    1. Dee, I think MINE was red, too - but not a bright red - kind of deep red or maroon.... I have a bright red one in my "collection" but not the color that I remember receiving when I was in junior high (I think it was....)

  3. Oh, I do remember my little red Gideon's Bible from fifth grade; I think I still have it. There's just something about a Bible that has been often-used through the years . . .

  4. I remember mine, it was a deep red, burgundy perhaps. Thinking back, that was such a simple time, no one complained about the class being held at school in fifth grade class. One girl of "another" faith was excused and went to the Principal's office and worked on school work.

    Then came Madeline Murray O'Hare and the battles began... I remember watching her in a debate a number of years ago. She became so flustered during the course of it she told her opponent to "go to hell". I looked at my husband and said, "If she were truly an atheist, she wouldn't believe in hell!" Now, Madeline, as Paul Harvey would say, can you tell us the 'rest of the story?' She will have the rest of eternity to contemplate her decisions and what a horrible, horrible death she had.

  5. I do remember receiving a New Testament. I think mine was orange or burgundy. Your thoughts about the content being beautiful is surely true! May God help us in this country to get back to our Christian foundations. It's my prayer every day.

  6. Franks is more of a maroon color also.

  7. Oh boy, do I remember receiving one in school, a bright red one that stayed with me for years and years.

  8. NO! I never got a Bible when I was in school!
    I did have a little bitty Bible with just a few was about the size of a match-book.

  9. Yes, I still have mine! Do you know that the different colors are given/designed for different types of groups? Not sure what these colors represent, but no matter. Same Word in each of them. I just love the Gideons and support them with a donation each year.


  10. I love the color blue, too. Yes, these Gideon bibles are so handy, and we still have them around today, for distribution. Mine was green when I was in college.

    Loved your previous post as well... like you, I love the pleasure of my company. When I feel like it, I go for solitary walks, and complete the morning by stopping by my fave Starbucks shop for a cup of hot latte.

    Spent some time reading the quotes on your sidebar. Beautiful!



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Writing a Song a Week #3
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