"Kicking the Box was Stupid"

I saw a good friend of mine last night.  She has been experiencing quite a bit of pain in her hip.  So far the shot she had to improve her condition hasn't kicked in.  Earlier in the day before our meeting, an incident had irked her, and she'd kicked at a box that happened to be handy.  The kick aggravated her hip pain further.  I could tell she was hurting.  

I sent her an email this morning telling her that "I hurt" just seeing HER hurt along with some other unrelated comments.  She addressed the other comments and then slipped in the line, "Kicking the box was stupid."

All morning I thought about that.  Finally I emailed her back:

For some reason your statement "Kicking the Box was Stupid" just keeps playing itself in my mind.  When the pain is over, I wish you'd write a short essay - maybe even a paragraph - on that topic.  I think it would be helpful to MANY of us.  (I can't tell you how many boxes I've kicked in the past!)

Somehow I was powerfully instructed by five words that came kind-of-out-of-NOwhere!
Kicking boxes IS stupid!  And I'm not just talking about cardboard ones.
I'll try not to do it again.
Stay tuned for the short essay or paragraph.
(She's not a writer--or so she says.  I'm hoping she'll find her writer's voice!)


  1. "Kicking the box is stupid" sounds like a zen saying, very wise and simple. I hope your friend's hip heals quickly. I see you posted your word for 2012, mine is Listen.

  2. Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. I once kicked a buoy that had washed up on the beach...not out of anger but because in my absolute impulsiveness I just ran at it full speed and gave it the hardest kick of my life. I seriously thank God I was wearing steel toed hiking boots that day (beaches in cold Norway after all:) because I would have shattered my foot otherwise...it was like kicking a cement wall! Wasn't my brightest moment. :) Happy new year Rebecca!

  4. I really like this, Rebecca! I can absolutely see a blog post coming from this one! :)

  5. Kicking the box...complaining...staying there and allowing the emotions to take over. I don't want to kick the box, but pick it up and throw it away or even better, flatten out and put it in the recycle bin :-)

    Thank you for stopping by...


  6. WoW! Can't wait for he essay!

  7. Boy, have I been kicking the box lately! And it is stupid, and tiring, and I feel depleted and sad. Kicking the box is stupid.

    Prayers for your friend to heal.
    Love and Prayers,

  8. I too have kicked a box or two.

  9. Sooo true! I've certainly kicked my share of boxes. I hope your friend does write the essay, or perhaps you could offer to write it for her.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)