Back Door Friends are Best!

In her October 19th post, Deb showed her $15 chair--a favorite spot of hers for meeting with her Friend.  She asked what OUR favorite way to meet Jesus was.  I commented:

My favorite way?  'Bout the same as yours...(And I really, REALLY like your $15 thrift store chair!) I also like it that He's sort of like a "back door friend" and shows up quite unexpectedly at times and lets Himself in!  (Hmmmmmmmmm.  I may have to create a post about that...It's true!)

Since I thought it might be a good topic to explore that day,  I composed a brief draft* to serve as a reminder.  Today I'm looking at that draft and remembering a sign I once saw that read, "Back Door Friends Are Best".   It  may seem a little disrespectful, but I mean no disrespect.  I want the house of my life to be totally accessible to Jesus. I want Him to interrupt my schedule at anytime.  He's welcome to enter without knocking.  Stay as long as He likes.  Share unexpected casual OR intimate conversation with me.  THIS is the sense in which I said, "I like it that He's sort of like a 'back door' friend".

Of course, He's SO much more.  But this is just one way I like to meet my Friend...
How about you?  Favorite spot?  Music?   Silence?  Devotional book?

*Did you catch that blogging tip?  Maybe you already do this...but I write a "seed thought" and instead of publishing it, I just "save" it.  Then I can go back and develop it and publish at a later date.  I have several drafts like this - waiting for the day(s) when I have no inspiration!

 1.  a fresh, new day on which to write my thanks...and life and breath to write it with...
 2 . beautiful weather yesterday and forecast for the same today!


  1. Just the two of us with no music or sound. Early morning for reading and then we talk all day long. I like that backdoor friend idea.

  2. I like that idea "backdoor friends." Talking all day about simple things and harder - sharing hearts. Excellent.


  3. You are a tremendous blessing and I am thankful GOD brought you into my life through the blog world.


  4. I love the backdoor friend image, Rebecca. It's very sweet. I love to meet with Him in the silence and darkness of the early morning. Of course I have to be in and out of conversation with my dearest Friend through out the day.

  5. I think of back door friends as the ones who come in through the kitchen usually and are able to see your mess. The front door guest are the ones where you can compose yourself and also have a nice entry for their visits. I love that the Lord comes through my back door because that means He accepts me with all my mess

    As for blogging tip...that is good, thanks

  6. I believe, with you, that we can have a close relationship with Jesus only when we open every part of our hearts to Him . . . when we take off our masks. I usually spend my quiet time sitting by the window, cup of coffee in hand, with my Bible and a devotional book - or two. Right now I mainly use Reflecting God, our church publication, but I still read Streams in the Desert, too, at times.

  7. Wonderful idea the "Seed Thought" is Rebecca. I usually just write my ideas on whatever is laying around! I do believe Katie has a list of my thoughts on a post card in her room! I wonder what she must think?!
    Anyhoo, for some reason I often encounter my friend Jesus in my yard. Also when working at church all alone. It is definitely a "Perk"!!
    Generally though I find that he is there whenever I call on him.
    Love Di ♥

  8. Meeting Jesus on my walks outdoors is my favorite way of communing with him. I also like my nightly prayers, holding onto my clutching cross. A pastor made this for me when I was first diagnosed. I sleep with it everynight and wake up with it in my grip in the morning. It simply draws me close to his heart.

    Always chewing on seed thoughts; just don't always get them down on paper.

    Blessed peace to you and yours this week.


  9. He rides with me to work. For 30 minutes we visit. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I just listen. Many of my most profound spiritual moments have happened in my car.

  10. Rebecca,

    Thank you for posting the pictures of the fall trees in your background. I miss those and the smells of autumn here in the SW.

    Blessings to you,


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)