P.I. and Me

For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!  (2 Corinthians 4:17)

In an attempt to rise to Janie Fox's listing-making stature, I have composed my personal list of observations about Poison Ivy.  After three consecutive episodes over the past few months, I consider myself rather qualified to state the following with confidence!  Note:  This is NOT meant to elicit pity.

1.  There have been an unusually large number of poison ivy cases this past summer (this out of the mouth of our local doctor when I consulted him with my FIRST and serious case of P.I.)!
2.  The shot I received when I consulted said doctor didn't seem very effective in my opinion.
3.  The bill I received after my said consultation and shot seemed unusually large.
4.  After the second (and less serious) outbreak of P.I. I learned that there are many, MANY forms of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.  It would be impossible for me to learn them all by sight.
5.  "Leaves of three, let them be."
6.  One should carefully examine all vines and other plant life and count the leaves before touching.
7.  The third case is NOT a charm.
8.  Oatmeal and Epsom salt baths feel good as long as you are submerged.
9.  You can only take so many baths in a 24 hours period.
10. Caladryl with an "April 1991" expiration date contains benedryl and works just as good (if not better) as Caladryl now on the market that no longer contains benedryl.
11. Friends have many, MANY suggestions regarding how to treat poison ivy.
12. Friends and husbands lose interest and have little sympathy when you refuse to go to the doctor.
13. 20+ bee stings are NEVER a good accompaniment to P.I. (It's difficult to count bee stings on your back side.   You just have to estimate.)
14. A worn and ragged terry-cloth bathrobe feels better than tight-fitting underwear on an itchy body.
15. It's not OVER until it's OVER.

 I could say more.  But I need to go soak awhile.
If I've learned ANYTHING from this, it is:
Pay attention to #5!


  1. This bout with poison ivy seems to be lasting an awfully long and itchy time, Rebecca. Hope you soon find relief.

  2. God bless you. This has to be a pain in the... well,in the PI and bee stings. I say drag a baby pool in front of the TV and soak it out. I am not jealous.

  3. PS Hey pal,thanks for the shout out!

  4. Bless your heart, Rebecca! I am wary of all vines etc....one thing is that poison ivy is pretty in the autumn...not such a great consolation, though.


  5. Oh yes, that # 5 is important. The bad thing is that we have some weeds that have three leaves that aren't poisonous so I get confused. I think the safest way is to wear long sleeves, pants and gloves. Being careful not to touch your face. That sounds simple until sweat from all of the clothes starts to drip in your eye. I've had that happen before too!
    This past year Jake and I have resorted to sprays more. If I see it coming up I spray it right away and you have to do it every week because it sneaks up all over the yard.
    We have both poison Ivy and Sumac. The Sumac was worse on me. The only way I got it to go away was those darn steroid pills. But within the week it was gone!
    Oh and your # 10 Rebecca, very interesting. I had no idea. Unfortunately I clean my cabinets often so I don't have any leftovers!
    Love Di ♥

  6. so so sorry you are still suffering with this! Did you really get all those bee stings too?????? OUCH!!!!!!!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS (said in my very best Shirley Temple voice)!!! Has anyone mentioned washing the affected area with Fels Naptha soap? As I recall, that's supposed to be done like right after you realize you touched it. As for the bee stings - make a thick mix of meat tenderizer and put it on the stings. Something about the papaya enzyme.

  8. I don't think I ever had it, but my daughters friend gets it from the wind! She takes Benedryl all the time, infected or not. I don't have any words of wisdom but I have prayers in my heart and I will be sending them to our Father on your account.

  9. I'm glad you referred to this today since I missed it yesterday. I love your list! I've never had PI so I have no helpful tried and true remedies but I fully support you in resisting going to the DR since you've already been there / done that. (I knew there was a reason not to throw out old meds)


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