How "Tweet" It Is!

Scene from Brenda's honey extraction post...
Yes, I have a twitter account
However, I don't use it for personal, back and forth communication.
(I use facebook for that.) 
Rather I have the account so I can"collect" and profit 
from the wisdom of a few people I respect.
This process reminds me of my friend Brenda's post
about extracting honey from the hives.
Here's a sampling of what I've extracted lately.
Paul David Tripp:  You simply must not under-estimate sin and you simply cannot over-estimate grace.
Randy Alcorn: "Sympathy is no substitute for action." David Livingstone
Tullian Tchividjian: "No man knows how bad he is until he has tried very hard to be good." CS Lewis 
Tim Keller:  There is no way you will be able to grow spiritually apart from a deep involvement in a community of other believers.
Rick Warren:  The more you're tested, the more you're trusted. So rejoice! See James 1:12
A W Tozer:  The purpose of God is not to save us from Hell. The purpose of God is to make us like Christ.
Mark Driscoll:  “Ambition that centers on the glory of God and welfare of the church is a mighty force for good.” J. Oswald Sanders
Ray Ortlund:
  • One way I have never, ever, ever wasted my time: studying the Bible.
  • Jesus-intensive, biblical, heartfelt, simple, joyful, communal Christianity - this I revere and desire to spread.
  • Reading the Bible, cover to cover, year after year, we stop thinking piecemeal and think biblically. No quick way.
  • "The early Christians were not persecuted because they worshiped Jesus but because they worshiped Jesus only." F Schaeffer
Rick Warren once tweeted:  "A great quote is the highest form of literature, 
needing no context to liberate a life, save a soul, or direct a destiny."  
My twitter page is a storehouse of "tweet" stuff--great quotes
that challenge and encourage me. 
How TWEET it is!


  1. Morning Rebecca,
    What a cute post, and sounds like tweeting for you is a very good spiritual experience. I know nothing about it, but did join facebook, only cause our son friended us, but my experience with it has not been anywhere close to yours with tweeting, in fact, sometimes I find it rather
    discouraging what some folks say and do on there, so I only go there when someone sends me
    a message................
    Am happy to hear tweeting is a much better experience, you posted some very neat quotes here. We have a really really good book by Paul David Tripp, called "Lost in the middle" midlife and the grace of God. I think every middle age person needs to read sure helped our perspective on life!!!

    Hope you are doing well hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  2. Nellie, I think facebook, twitter (and everything else out there) is what you allow and make it to be.

    I don't even remember how I first knew about Paul Tripp, but his quotes on twitter often are about grace. I'll have to look for that book (even though I think I'm past middle age....OUCH!).

  3. Some really good quotes here. I especially
    like the C.S. Lewis quote.
    Feeling better?

  4. How nice to have so many beautiful quotes all in one place. It's sort of like having a cyber journal! I love it!

    'Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!
    Love to you,

  5. Eileen, Yes! That's exactly what it has become for me.

  6. Paul David Tripp is the brother of Tedd Tripp who wrote "Shepherding A Child's Heart." He himself has written many books and teaches about counseling. I know he used to pastor but don't know if he currently does.

    Those are great quotes....


  7. Isn't it amazing how much wisdom is packed into a few words? Love the quotes!

  8. I certainly enjoyed all of the quotes Rebecca. The tweets should give you even more inspiration!
    Love Di ♥

  9. I have a Twitter account too....and don't tweet...I just read others' tweets. (Is there a name for that?? :)))
    Love your use of Twitter. You go girl!!!
    Hugs and smiles,

  10. Great idea for a twitter account. I see what you mean now about your different uses for different accounts.

  11. I still don't fully 'get' twitter.. I guess it's because I've never actually seen it. I'm taking this whole internet thing slow. You can't imagine what a crazy undertaking this blog business was for me. We've only had a computer for 3 years and internet for 1! All new to me...

    I do love your quotes though. if that's what twitter has to offer... I LIKE IT!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Particularly blessed by this one: "A W Tozer: The purpose of God is not to save us from Hell. The purpose of God is to make us like Christ."

    Thank you for sharing all the quotes and God bless you!!

  13. Bite sized quotes are easy to digest and pack a punch. You sure have some good ones here -- worthy of my journal. :-)

  14. I don't really understand twitter yet, but I sure like the quotes you collected! Maybe I'll look into it.

  15. Hi Again,
    Hope all is well with you hon. Yes, I think the new things they are doing at our church to present missions is really done in an awesome way, and is so much more instructive and interesting and really sticks with you and keeps you thinking about it for a long time.............and really makes people want to do whatever they can to help.

    I will probably post pics of my white room next wednesday for white wednesday, cause I don't have a lot of time to fool with pics this week,
    and I have some others that are all ready of some Fall tablescapes I did one day a few weeks ago when I was playing, so I will probably put those on tomorrow.

    Have a great week ahead hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  16. I use twitter basically to keep up with Andy...who posts constantly and also with pics...but I will enjoy extracting some of these great quotes from YOUR posts...

  17. You are good to me. It was nice to be referenced on your blog. Thanks. I have resisted Twitter but you make me want to sign up. I understand reading and not tweeting. I almost do the same on FB--mostly scanning quickly other people but seldom posting--although once and awhile I do comment.Even that sometimes consumes more of me than I want to give. Tweeting does seem like it would be a good discipline in some ways--to say something of value in just a few words. I don't think I would be very good at that.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)