Vitamin D and Me (or is it I?)

It started last Tuesday when I went to The Luncheon.  Vitamin D came up in two unrelated conversations.  So high were its praises, that at the first possible opportunity I visited the vitamin shelf in the supermarket.

Once there, I was bamboozled by all the possibilities.  Eventually, I must have bought this--a multi-vitamin for women over 50.  It contains 1,000 of whatever-it-is of Vitamin D.   (I say "must have" because I sat the bottle on the shelf and only today remembered my purchase and intention.  I went to look for the Vitamin D label, and this is the best I could come up with.  It's still sealed and is dated well into the future, so it must be what I decided upon.)

I'm going to try to remember to actually TAKE a tablet a day.  What good does it do on the shelf?

I regret to say that I have occasionally allowed days to pass when my Bible (for all practical purposes) lay on the shelf.  Unopened, like this bottle.  My intentions were good.  But when  it remains on the shelf, I don't experience the spiritual health benefits that would come if I were to internalize it.  Duh!

Have YOU experienced any benefits from taking Vitamin D?


  1. HI - Vitamin D deficiency is quite common in women. I take a supplement of 2000 mg/day. I find that I feel more balanced, calm and even and stronger. t took several months for me to notice any benefit. And yes, you have to take it for it to make a difference. :-) Also, I started taking CoQ10 and flax seed oil and vitamin C at the same time so perhaps it is the combination of all the supplements that added to my over all well being. I do think 1000 mg/day of vitamin D is a bit low. That's just my opinion. Check w/your doctor, k?
    Love Gail

  2. No Not vitamin D but long ago I was taking B12 and remember having lots more energy. I never was a big vitamin taker. I usually would FORGET to take them!! I heard something somewhere along the line in this new knee surgery that I may be on an Iron supplement, don't know for sure.
    But you are right about forgetting to read the Good Book so that we can receive Good from it daily!! Love Di ♥

  3. Vitamin D & Calcium for me everyday, along with God's Word. Sometimes I do better at taking my meds than absorbing the Bible. I'm endeavoring to do better.

  4. You have a gift - a keen eye - for gleaning practical, challenging life lessons from the ordinary!

    Love your new blog look!

  5. I hate taking pills of any kind. They just seem to get stuck in my throat. I have plenty on the shelf too. I've been concentrating on getting my vitamin D from all the sun we've had the last couple of months :) But like Elaine, I'm supposed to be taking a combination of Vitamin D and Calcium...yep I just checked...the bottle is on the shelf. OK...I'll try to get with the program! Thanks for the reminder! And yes, my bible sits only inches from where I often sit, but doesn't get opened enough. I blame that on the internet, because I can so quickly look up passages to study. But, um, it just doesn't feel the same. So I need to work on that too!

  6. Our son...early 20's was tested and found to be low in Vitamin D...the change he saw was that his thinking was clearer.

    I have heard over and over again the benefits and my husband and I have both started taking vitamin D...and I live where there is a lot of sunshine, which is how I want to get my vitamin I notice the would I know if it is the Vitamin D, or the other things I take...all I know is just like my Bible reading, when I leave them on the shelf I don't have the energy I need spiritually or physically.

    Hope you see a difference.

  7. I also take vitamin D (5,000 units twice a week) then calcium with vitamin D twice daaily. I tested low years ago. Do I notice a difference, I can't tell but I can tell when I have skipped my time in the word

  8. Hi Rebecca. It's so good to read your blog post.
    Our associate pastor preached this past Sunday morning....and he used a balance beam (like the one used in the Olympics) to make one of his points about the Holy Spirit...a point I won't soon forget. He got up on the beam (he's tall...and a wisp of a young fella... :))
    He stood confidently on the beam, (representing one's walk through life) hands up and out for balance...took one faltering step and then slowly began crouching down on the beam...getting on his hands and knees....shaking.....trembling with fear....all the while prasing God for the Holy Spirit that was within him...Thanking Him for His continued Power....Thanking Him for leading and guiding him in all that he is doing....but refusing to stand up and turn loose....continuing to cling to the balance beam. His legs are now tightly wrapped underneath it in fear. However, as he lays there in fear, he continues to thank God for the Power and Might of His Holy Spirit. (We (congregation)smiled...but my conscience was definitely tugged.)
    All the while, he continued to pray that he would continue to do his best on that balance beam. (Visualize: he's laying on his tummy with legs wrapped under it...not moving an inch.) After a few minutes, he then stands up, jumps off the balance beam..and throws his hands VICTORIOUSLY in the air!!! ( as one would do in the Olympics when one "nails" a landing...) when in fact he hadn't done a single thing while on the beam. He had 'nailed' the landing, however. Again, another prayer of thanksgiving to God for the Power that He gives us. Our associate pastor's message was (obviously) on the Holy Spirit....and that we as believers know the Holy Spirit is in us...but we have a very difficult time accepting the life-changing power the Holy Spirit gives us in life because we are too busy trying to take care of things ourselves...holding on to what we deem 'safe'....not trusting in the power of His Spirit...not stepping up and stepping out...always clinging to self...not trusting the Power of the One God left for us. I realize that by not trusting in that Power, I won't get the strength and benefits that were intended for me as I exalt the Savior, and through His Power do His will in evangelizing the world.
    Your blog post about the vitamins reminded me so much of that sermon I heard on Sunday morning. Amazing! God is Amazing!!!!

  9. We Northwesterners are often lacking in vitamin D...what with all of the rain and the wee bit of sunshine that we get. My doc prescribe some very heavy dosages for me. Now that you mention it...I haven't taken any in weeks!

  10. Living in the drought ridden part of Texas, I'm thinking about bottling my own Vitamin D......................

    It is interesting to think of vitamins and the Word together. You need to take certain vitamins together so they will absorb into your system and be useful........and you have to be in a *teach me* state of mind when you read the Bible!

    We had verses in first grade that started with each letter of the alphabet to help the kids learn to read. One was: ^Abhor^ that which is evil....Romans 12:9. Daniel and I were finishing a science book and I asked him was ABSORB meant....he said: ABSORB that which is evil.

  11. I take Vitamin D3 2000I.U. daily, along with Calcium and fish oil...and sometimes flax seed oil.

  12. This is so true for me. I buy the capsules and then don't take them. If I don't leave my bible on the ottoman I go about my day without my quiet time. My day really goes better when I spend my mornings in his word and not just blathering to him.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)