Just Sayin' "Thank You"

Now she's really gone and done it!  Janie Fox who thinks me "sweet and witty"  She says my comments are some of the funniest she receives!  (And she receives ALMOST as many funny ones as she makes!) She's right about ONE thing.  I do love the Lord, and if I make others want to know Him better, I'll smile all the way Home!

Many years ago, when I was just beginning a speaking "career", a friend (Jane Rich) pointed out my apparent tendency to downplay myself when receiving a compliment.  She exhorted me, "Just say 'thank you'". 

So, thank you, Janie!  I receive this award in spite of previous refusals to play along with them.  And here are my "7 Things About Myself". 

1.  At the age of 40, I dropped "Becky" and became Rebecca.  It wasn't so very hard to do.  The hardest part is BEHAVING like a Rebecca instead of a Becky. There IS a difference, you know.
2.  I  am a bundle of imperfections sharing a body with my perfectionist mind.  This, I believe, is why I am a hopeless procrastinator.
3.  I could sit with my laptop  All. Day. Long.  (I know that won't come as a surprise to some who know me)
4.  I really, really, really want a small vintage trailer to putter in/with.
5.  I was born on Christmas day and have a small cabin in the back yard decorated as "Christmas" year 'round.  (Also a perpetual Christmas tree in our downstairs bathroom.  'Nother story for another time.)
6.  I need new glasses.  The last time I "tried out" for some (too many years ago) I tried  3 different sets of lens for at least 2 weeks each.  They all gave me fits and in the end I went back to my old ones.  Now I REALLY need new glasses.
7.  I DO love Jesus.  Just want to love Him better.  He deserves So. Much. More.


  1. you, of all people, are a TRUE versatile blogger! You need to put the award in your sidebar :) I love your list of 7 things. I was in my 30's when I went from "Jackie" to "Jacque"...maybe it's a story I'll tell sometime. And since I've been a blogger, and writing more seriously for a little over 2 years, I've gone from "Jacque" to "Jacquelyn" ~ but I answer to either :)

  2. Congratulations Rebecca! You deserve it!!... Just say thank you.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. so nice to meet you! I feel the same way about Jesus. He deserves sooooo much more than what I give Him. Nice to find you from Janie's blog.

  4. What great fun to get to know a little more about you. I went from being a Kathy to a Kathleen in the business world nearly 30 years ago. Even though family still calls me Kathy sometimes, it doesn't quite fit any more. The old has passed, the new has come ...

    Any friend of Christmas is a friend of mine!

  5. I love your list, and the chance to "know" you a little better. I've thought of going by Patricia instead of Pat, but it's just not a name that rolls off the tongue smoothly, although I do like it better.
    I LOVE #2. That could describe me as well.
    Most importantly...I do love Jesus too.

  6. You should have told us all these things
    long ago and we would have known and loved
    you even more! Thanks for sharing about
    yourself. I agree with numbers 3 and 7.
    If I didn't love crafting so much I
    probably would be doing 7! I like my
    name~Sandra Yvonne, but everyone has
    called me Sandy from birth so it has
    Congratulations on your award. I agree.

  7. Fun post..just love getting to know you, and yes, I would say Rebecca is different from Becky, that is why I will not call my daughter Nikki when her name is Nicole.

    Oh I want a camper also...to go and just hang out at a park..a vintage one would do fine. We lost our pop up camper and I have missed it so much. Let me know when you get yours!
    Fun post!

  8. You are indeed a versatile blogger, and you deserve this award. I am also one of your readers who have a high regard for you wit, your wisdom, your way with words.

    Let me say it directly, I sure am glad that we are friends and neighbors on the blog neighborhood. I say neighbors because I have realized that each of my blog friends is only a few clicks away!


  9. Enjoyed your list and getting to know you! Being called versatile is a real compliment and has something to do with your creative spirit, I think!

  10. Pat, GO for it! (I have a friend who made that transition. Patricia IS a beautiful name.

  11. Lidj, Thank you for your affirmations. And the friends/neighbor feeling is mutual. I thank God for your friendship across the many miles & ocean.

  12. Glenda, I'm thinking a lot about that term "versatile". Sometimes I wish for creativity outside the medium of print so that I could be even MORE versatile. Mostly, I'm content and learning to be MORE so every day.

  13. I could never imagine you as a Becky! A Christmas on at that. Who knew?!


  14. Fun getting to know you a little better

  15. I became Debora after being Debbie for 50 years. Still look around when someone calls my new name.
    I've been e-mailing my husband pics of vintage trailers with notes that say "My life would be perfect if we had this!"
    Have been known to sit with my laptop all day.

    Here are some fun links for a fellow 'canned ham'enthusiast:

    www.sistersonthefly.com http://thebeehivecottage.blogspot.com/

    Now you can look at vintage trailers all day on your laptop, LOL.


  16. Thanks, Debora! Of all days to receive this, I have a morning appointment!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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