Snack Reform

Popcorn is a favorite evening snack at our house.  
We usually eat our main meal around 1:30 or 2:00.  
Then in the early evening we snack on cheese and crackers,
fruit, almonds or popcorn.
It got easy to buy microwave popcorn.  
First the low-fat, then the buttered, then the extra butter...
Then one day (in the back of the cupboard over the refrigerator)
I discovered our old hot air popper!
I've reformed our favorite evening snack.
I found this 6 pound bag of popcorn two days ago.
I had no idea there would be so many different kinds 
from which to choose!
I'm sure we'll save a little $$$ this way,
and we'll enjoy a little better nutrition, too.
(3 cups of air popped popcorn has 93 calories
and received a nutritional grade of A here.)
I've also heard and read that the microwaved version
contains harmful chemicals.
Here, for instance....

Do YOU use a hot air popper?
If so, how do you season your finished product?
What is YOUR favorite evening snack?


  1. I shall tell the truth............I like kettle corn in the little micro-wave bags. I do get the lo-cal kind. If I make real popcorn, I have a gray pan with a nice lid. In fact, I just may do it tonight. (I have a hard time enjoying air-popped! It is very dry in my mouth.)

  2. We do have a popper and use it occasionally.
    Used to use it nightly but we tire of the
    same snack if had too often. We always
    season with sea salt and cultured butter
    which is vitamin rich, especially organic.
    Now that the weather is hot we have been
    enjoying a fruit salad of Greek yogurt
    with walnuts, blueberries and strawberries.

  3. Hubby's addicted to air-popped corn :) We don't make it often, but when we do I always use real butter & a bit of salt to season it. There was a time when I put finely grated parmesan cheese on it. Not bad!

    As for me, my evening snack of choice is ice cream and/or dry-roasted peanuts. I've been thinking I need to give up the snacking thing altogether as I know it's the culprit behind my weight gain. Better yet, maybe I'll give up dinner. Mmmm; now there's a thought.


  4. Hi Rebecca,
    We love popcorn too, and I get the microwave kind, but we get the lower fat ones, like pop weaver, lite and buttery with canola oil. It is so delish!
    Years ago we bought a hot air popper but the salt wouldn't stick to it, and we felt adding butter sort of defeated the purpose for which we bought it, so back to the store it went.
    Most of the time now we snack on roasted red pepper humus and corn chip or crackers, and once in awhile we still eat popcorn.

    Never thought of my Thankful Thursday post as a window into our life. Thanks..... That is a neat thought and as I read back thru the post I thought wow, that is true!!

    Blessings, Nellie

  5. I used to have an air popper, think its long gone. We love any kind of hummus with carrots or pita chips to dip. Another favorite this time of year would be sliced tomatoes with mozerella slices on top and basil...actually sometimes that ends of being dinner

  6. We used to use one, I have no idea why we stopped. Probably because of the microwave kind!
    Now we make it on the stove like we did when we were kids. Fresh butter and all!! Maybe not so healthy but we only eat it a few times a year.
    Love Di ♥

  7. Hi Rebecca! You're my newest blog follower! YaY! I'm following back, I love to meet other Jesus followers, and I see your Hubs is a pastor as is mine!

  8. Well, I feel a bit guilty now. I just got home from the grocery store and purchased another box of the 100 calorie snack bags of microwave popcorn...which I enjoy almost every night. I had never really thought about eating the air popped instead...and I even have one of those poppers. HOPEfully, after I finish up what I have on hand...I'll start eating the air popped!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. We do the old fashioned way on top of the stove. We use a bit of coconut oil and pop away! Tim makes such great popcorn that we don't even put butter on it!


  10. Yep, those snacks are great except for those cheese and crackers. Too much fat , in tiny servings...bummer. I love the idea of your main meal at 1 or 2. I have heard try not to eat after 6 pm though, except something very small. Another BUMMER. take care ! Gina

  11. We eat our evening meal at 6:15. When RB was associate minister/minister of education we ate our mail meal at noon in the summer. We loved it but it doesn't work now. Once in a while we'll have popcorn (and I refuse to tell you we put butter on it!) but usually it's nuts (RB) or graham crackers and mile (me).


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