Sunday School Hats

I hastily made some hats representing the attitudes I have sometimes worn to Sunday School.  While Sunday School has been a fairly constant thread throughout my life, I have not always attended for the right reasons!  This morning I'm teaching.  I am well aware that some will be CLUELESS about the subject.  Others will CARE LESS.  A few may be COMFORTABLE with their status and tune out because they feel there is little left to learn.  I hope not too many will be CRITICAL of my teaching style or be argumentative for the sake of arguing!  Ideally, my attitude (and that of all who gather this morning) will be a desire for CONFORMITY to the will of God and life of Jesus Christ in me!

I sure hope the class will overlook the appearance 
of my hastily-made hats and choose the attitude 
that will result in spiritual progress in faith 
and glory to the Heavenly Father!
I've read that THIS hat is now listed on Ebay!  Get your bid in early!


  1. I totally GET it. And I hope that we are attending the new campus our church just planted in the inner city for the right reasons. We are doing a lot of soul-searching, trying to discern. For me, it is so easy to be "comfortable" with familiar ways. But do I really WANT to be stretched in a new way? Is that where GOD wants us? I don't want to be CLUELESS but to CONFORM to HIS will! Thanks for these thoughts this morning! Have a blessed Lord's Day. Let us know the subject you taught and how it went! (My dad used to make us kids these newspaper hats, thanks for the memories!)

  2. The subject (from a couple of chapters of Andrew Murray's "An Exciting New Life") is faith--"The certainty that God speaks the truth"!

  3. Rebecca, I too understand what you mean and I think it is a really interesting excersize to consider our various "hats" and which honor the Lord when we wear them to church for example or out in the world...I've never thoughts about these changeable moods as hats but I find I like the image.:)

    Great post and I hope you are doing well these days.:)

  4. You have the GIFT of TEACHING, wise one!

  5. Oh, very good post....and when I read things like this, I always apply to my own walk. I haven't always gone to church with the right attitude....but HOPEfully, as I'm getting older a bit more "mature"....that's changing!!! HOPE you have a great day...and thank you so very much for all your words of encouragement to me!!! In His Love...Deb

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I have to say I want be putting any bids in for that royal wedding hat, I think it is the dumbest hat I have ever seen!! lol Although I might like it if that oval had a mirror in it!! lol

    A very nice post about the different hats, and yes as believers we should definitely be wearing the one of conformity to the will of God! That is the smartest hat I have ever seen!! and if it had an oval you might just see a dim reflection of the Christ! hopefully!!

    Hope you are doing well my friend, and thanks so much for coming by today, and for your sweet comment about how I looked, it made me smile.
    and yes, I definitely think God was smilin on their wedding day, it was just too amazing all that He did!
    He is so good to us all the time!!

    Love and Blessings hon, Nellie

  7. Rebecca, this is so good! Do you mind that I use the idea in the future at our church? I will certainly give you credit for it.

    Sounds like you're a wonderful, creative teacher!

  8. Glenda, No credit necessary - I just had a brainstorm a couple of hours before class - trying to encourage the people to "engage" for the right reasons. You are welcome to use or adapt as you wish.

  9. Critical... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can relate on this one. I've had a hard time "showing up" each week to teach my small group of kids. That being said, it's a good fit for this season.

    Loved your hats way better than B's!



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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