Holmade Jams and Jellies


Once we were seated yesterday morning, our Lady Bugs organization was treated to a "Jam Tasting Party"!  We sampled over 20 varieties (out of 100).  The entire 2 1/2 hours was extremely well organized! It was informative and entertaining. Doris Holm - thus the "Holmade" - makes all her own jams and jellies and hosts these parties from mid-April into December.  I HIGHLY recommend the experience.
After the tasting AND lunch (delicious), we were ushered into the area where the jams and jellies were displayed.  I purchased a variety "sleeve" of some of the pepper jams and a couple jars of the "fire hot" variety.  These are delicious with cream cheese on crackers.
Another "who knew?" for me--and SO close to home!

Stick WITH me here.
I have a more "serious" post coming tomorrow.
(I've just been on the run and have had so many unique experiences lately.
I needed to "document" them SOMEhow.)


  1. looks like a wonderfully delicious time was had by all! I love the ladybug napkins!

  2. Holmade Jalapeno Jam sounds good to me! I'm hooked on E.D. Smith's Spread, especially raspberry and cherry, which isn't too sweet and available at Costco. Blackberry Jam is my most favorite of all or any jam though!

  3. Sounds fun! I used to make jam a lot but haven't in recent years and this motivates me to try it again.

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts....

  4. Wish I could've been there to do some
    sampling! I enjoy a good jam or jelly
    on toast or waffles.

  5. This sounds like fun..never been to one, or know of any. I must expand my borders, you sure have been lately and it makes life more exciting.

  6. What a lot of fun and something different! I've been to all kinds of tastings but never jam. The menu looks wonderful and yummy. Rebecca, you have more fun than any one!

  7. Donna, It kind of goes it spurts :) Definitely not more fun than anyone (see Brenda at Bee's Nest or Janie at Janie Fox Talks)!

  8. Rebecca,
    It was a delight to have you over at my place.

    Yes, obedience and faith go hand in hand.

    I love jams and crackers. Loved this post...

    I too like the idea of documenting your journey. WIsh I could do that more consistently with my own blog - sometimes things happen all at the same time...

    You can do it so well on your blog place.


  9. It sounds delicious!
    Love Di ♥

  10. Morning Rebecca,
    You have been having some neat experiences lately.
    I had to go back and check out some of your posts,
    that was so sweet you could go to your grandsons kindergarten class, and what a sweet note he wrote for yall. I just knew yall would be good grandparents!!
    A jam tasting party, never heard of that, but why not they have every other kind of party known to man!! Sounds like fun to me!
    What a great thing to sell breads and Jams and Jellies..........sounds super to me!

    Wow, the parts of the train that were all melded together, amazing what the heat of a fire can do,huh!!

    You have a terrific Thursday my friend,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  11. When I was reading your post, I was wondering, does she know to spoon jelly/jam onto cream cheese and eat it with crackers? That is the snack of all snacks.
    I have a great respect for those that know how to *jar* & *jam*.

  12. My daughters mother in law sent me over some of her homemade jalapeno jam. As you say, who knew? Yum!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Well, Rebecca, this is a first for me, this sounds like a fun party not to mention good tasting one. I a mimpressed with this idea,I wish I had thought of it. lol Thanks for sharing.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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