We Interrupt Christmas...

(Per Gina's comment, please read the whole post before jumping to action!)  ATTENTION: The Group asking everyone to change their profile picture to a cartoon character is actually a group of Pedophiles. There doing it because kids will accept their friend request faster, If they see a Cartoon Picture..It has Nothing to do with any Child Charities. Its on tonights news!! Copy and Paste this on to your status- Let Everyone Know!!!!

COME ON, PEOPLE!  (People in general.)  Have we become SO gullible/bored/lazy/misdirected/unfulfilled that we have nothing to do but pass on information/YouTube/rumors/all manner of unsubstantiated material back and forth?  Am I so needy of affirmation/attention/approval that I need to change my profile picture/re-post if I love my husband, sons, daughters, and pets when prompted/parade my schedule daily and publicly?  (OK.  Re-reading that, it could sound a little judgmental, I suppose.)

First of all, note the spelling (or MISspellings) and punctuation errors in one of the more recent examples (circulating on facebook) above!  Secondly, who KNOWS what the truth is about that particular one?!?  Who CARES?

When he (Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion on them 
because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  (Matthew 9:36)

I pray to be discerning. I want to be more compassionate--like Jesus.He came to bring LIGHT and LIFE to shepherd-less, confused and helpless people.  Should we not do the same?
...our small, living room tree...

(THERE!  I got THAT off my chest!)
Now...Back to Christmas!

Light and Life to all He brings
Ris'n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth.
Hark!  The herald angels sing....


  1. Gee woman ! I pasted that in my facebook page asap thinking it was real ( as it came from you ), before I even read your entire post ! I was worried about all the kids that had recently changed their profile pictures. I read your entire post, and went back and deleted it, but you may want to put in BIG print ( example or fake example ), something, right beside that first paragraph. Hope you are well, take care, Gina

  2. Gina - Sorry. Point well-taken. Long ago, I determined not to re-post ANYTHING like that because so MUCH of it is unsubstantiated. I do NOT want to be a "sheep" w/o a shepherd!

  3. Yep; I'm among the gullible!

    I actually thought it was a pretty good idea. Guess I should have ferreted out the facts better.

    Thank you,

  4. I researched the above on Snopes...and found it to be false. The changing of the profile pictures was something to do for fun. We all need to share smiles and fun....spreading smiles is never a bad thing. (I was Popeye for the weekend (my profile picture on FB.) I used to love to watch that cartoon....and am amazed at how cartoons have changed so much over the years. Ironically, my grandson loves to watch the "old" cartoons more than he does the new 'techie-type' cartoons!!!

  5. LOL, Glad you got that off your chest Rebecca! I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with people having harmless fun on social networks...everyone has to decide for himself how much time he can spend "playing" though. And there IS potentially an element of the blind leading the blind...Personally I would rather have seen something like "fight child abuse, find a child to hug today"...

    My pet peeve on the internet is people who send email forwards around proclaiming "true" stories who never take five minutes to check them out first at truthorfiction.com or snopes.com or one of the others. I think it is particularly sad when Christians do this...especially when they are slandering a political or other public figure. I think it is perfectly acceptable to call for accountability from these public "role models" but people should be very sure they have the facts right before spreading stuff.

    Whew! Glad I got THAT off my chest! Now back to Christmas!

  6. I read your first paragraph the way Gina did, but before reacting I did go on google and read several articles and realized none of it was substantiated. I try really hard to check things out before reposting or emailing around.

    That said, I do hope you will listen to the you-tube video I posted this morning about the group singing the Halleluia Chorus at the mall. It is fantastic...and substantiated! :)

  7. OK ... so I felt so bad about falling for a scam I went to Snopes. I found out that neither is factual: changing one's profile picture to anything does not raise awareness or stem the tide of child abuse, nor does it play into the hands of pedophiles. I feel better, but I'll never change my profile pic again!


  8. I didn't MEAN to rain on anyone's parade. I'm NOT against fun, and technology has made sharing among friends SO much easier. (But so much more potential for rumors to be circulated, too!)

    You ALL are right. Everyone needs to periodically evaluate his/her personal motivations and choices. Galatians 6:4 - “Each one should test (her) OWN actions.” Thus my prayers for more discernment AND compassion! :)

  9. Jacquelyn, I HAVE seen the mall Chorus, the Sound of Music thing in Denmark, and a couple of others. They've been good distractions for me while I'm coping with "shingle pain"! I've decided to also use this time to write down some personal guidelines re. WHAT, HOW MUCH TIME, WHY I use technology. (Note: I said "personal". So I guess that means I shouldn't feel compelled to hoist them on my blogging & facebook friends! LOL.

  10. That's funny Rebecca! We all need to "spout" once in a while! I am grateful for this technology, especially for this time in my life right now where I can spend several days in a row without leaving the house. It helps me be and feel connected with others. Like anything though, discipline and discretion are in order, and your point is well taken!

    I have been wanting to steal your motto: "Keeping it sane, simple, and sacred" ~~ I guess this might be an appropriate time for me to ask it I might borrow those words for my email footer?

  11. Amen Rebecca! I think it's absolutely ridiculous as well. Facebook is the greatest example of mindlessness out there today.

  12. Well I am sure out of the loop....but I can nod my head in agreement with the scriptures!!!
    Merry Christmas

  13. Janette, It's fine to be out of the loop on THIS one. THIS one is a facebook thing going around AFTER one that told everyone to change their picture to a favorite cartoon character for some reason or another.

    Merry Christmas to YOU.

  14. Oh, Rebecca, I just had a discussion about this with my family on Facebook. I'm always so suspicious and question EVERYTHING!
    But then my niece said something sweet about how it's just sort of the Facebook family banding together for a shared cause (this was to promote awareness of child abuse) or interest (some said it was just about childhood memories). Then other family members told us about the pedophile thing and they started taking off the cartoon avatars.
    I wasn't crazy about my skimpily-clad Betty Boop anyway, so I changed my profile picture to something else!

    Love your Christmas tree photo!
    Love and Prayers,

  15. Hi sweetie, so much is being printed today and with the Internet it spreads like wild fire and it is also very sad so much of it is not true. I always research these things before I make my decision. It is a shame we all have to be so careful today, there was a day when we all trusted. My mum and dad didn't even have keys for their home, it was never locked...oh well its time like these tat Faith kicks in...:)Hugs

  16. I was gullible...and became mickey Mouse...a very old Mickey Mouse. I am usually very careful and never do the re-posts etc. I followed a friend who is always careful herself...I know there is a deep lesson in this for me some place.:)

  17. I rarely pay any attention to these requests on facebook, along with all the games, pokes, prods, smiles or much else along those lines. I just pay attention to real words from real friends. The other stuff just feels so much like a chain letter thing. Yes, I have better things to do. Thanks for the reminder.


  18. Don't be afraid to speak your ind Rebecca! LOL!
    I never change my picture on FB, or poke any one of give to farmville projects etc. You want to know why? Because I'm to lazy. All I want is to quickly read the communcation that interest me. I guess in this case, lazy paid off! LOL!!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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