A Wake-Up Call

our wheelbarrow
“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”
-John Wesley

While we were outside working on our wreaths yesterday (see prior post), sirens sounded and a great many emergency vehicles beat a path on the road in front of our house.  So unusual and intense it was that my husband  got in the car to see what was going on!  He returned to say he saw the car flattened on the roadside.  While he was gone from the house, a medical helicopter flew over, and I said a silent prayer.

This morning my husband was still on the internet where he found out that an 85 year old woman was the victim of the accident (name being withheld) when he received a text message identifying her.  The woman was on the "Home Improvement" list at our church.  We were scheduled to help spread some stone/gravel on her driveway this Saturday morning at 8:00. (She didn't attend our church and I didn't know her, but a member of our church had "nominated" her to be served by our willing workers.)

Within the very hour of  the fatal accident, a friend and I were making our plans to meet, load a wheelbarrow and rakes, and ride together to join the others on Saturday morning.  Needless to say, God got my attention!  I'm sobered by the uncertainty of life and the necessity of "doing all the good I can...as SOON as I can!"
Some things just cannot be passed off as "coincidental".


  1. Oh, how tragic...yes...you are an extremely wise woman...thank you! Love you!!! Janine XO

  2. what a terrible tragedy and as you say 'wake up call!'
    i can't tell for sure if the elderly lady survived. could
    you let me know if i need to pray.

    thank you for your wise counsel at my blog. several
    people said similar things, and i have now instituted
    that pray as you visit policy.

  3. The Lord will bless you and your church folks for their willingness, I believe, just as if the mission had been accomplished. Yes, what a wake up call and reminder of the fragility of life. So sorry to hear of the tragedy...with several close family members in their 80's and 90's it's not too hard to imagine how painful this is for those left behind. My prayers are for them.

  4. I am sorry to hear this Rebecca.

  5. This recently happened to me... An older lady and her husband were both killed in a car accident. She and I had become friends and I had seen her only the week before. My Heavenly Father had nudged me to give her something and I just thought that I would get it for her and give it to her when I next saw her... I missed the opportunity not only to have blessed her, but in quickly obeying His direction... Even now, I am saddened by my failure to have delighted her. I just thought I had the time...I have learned we only have the precious present and I have learned the lesson to respond immediately...now, today. Thank you for your post and I'm so glad I found your blog. I saw your apple creation on My French Country Home.

  6. Sobering. To think that each of us is one breath, one heartbeat away from eternity; or that a loved one might be ... well, it just puts a whole lotta stuff in perspective.

    May we live each moment as though it were our last one here.


  7. I'm so sorry to hear this news Rebecca. We never know what can happen, still your thoughtfulness was there.
    Love Di ♥

  8. Rebecca I am so sorry.... -- it is very sobering isn't it? We just never know.* I'm writing down your quote from John Wesley and hanging it in my house. I'm lifting up prayers for this womans family.

  9. Your post speaks so powerfully of a truth we all need to take to heart: life is so uncertain. I've always liked the quote but wasn't sure who first penned those words of advice. I'm reminded of the Scripture that says, "Jesus went about doing good." I want to be more like Him.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this Rebecca, I will be praying for her family. Your thoughts today are so powerful and thought provoking, I am so stirred in my spirit, especially by your last words in this post, as well as the quote.
    What a great ministry your church has as well
    Thank you for visiting me and for all of your kind words.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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