Crafty, I'm Not!

Crafty, I'm not!  But I recognize a good thing when I see it!  I hope someone who reads this will tell me where I saw the idea  so I can give proper credit.  (I'm admitting that I do a lot of blog browsing and don't always remember where I've been!)

When I showed the picture of a Christmas wreath fashioned from bed springs to a gentleman in our church who could weld them together, ANOTHER man said he had bed springs and would deliver them to our house promptly.  (He seemed STRANGELY eager to do this!)  And sure enough, the springs showed up in front of our shed the next morning.
This is my husband holding the frame out of which he has patiently cut the individual springs!
It took 14 of them to make a wreath.  Below is one I eventually finished.  We fastened them together temporarily with fine wire, but will take them to be welded together soon.
 Once welded and shaped better, I will spray paint them--either green or white, I think. We have enough springs cut for 4 wreaths (and a whole other set of springs left)!
Hey, the price was right!
Do you have any suggestions for alternative ways to decorate them? 
Or do you think I'm just as crazy as the welder-to-be thinks I am?!?


  1. I really like it...but that's coming from a lady who has a barb-wire wreath hanging on the wall beside her back door! :)

  2. That's so funny, Deb! I have a barb-wire wreath, too.

  3. you are so creative! i would have never thought of
    anything that wonderful.

  4. Hey, I think you're on to something! I love that your husband is smiling...he apparently thinks your on to something too!
    I think I might spray one a burnished bronze color and where I'd go from there, I have no idea! I'm not much help am I?!

  5. When you get them all made, you could sell the extra ones for a little extra Christmas cash. I am so impressed with your hubby for patiently helping with this project!

  6. Good evening Rebecca,
    I am so looking forward to seeing your finished wreaths. I would so love to suggest something, but since I only copy other ideas ( most times), I can't be of too much However once in a while I do get a rush. lol
    I had to smile, about the picture of your husband cutting the bed springs, as my husband always helps with my ideas, sometimes willingly and other times not so willingly. lol.
    I am sorry to have not been visiting to much lately as i have been off line most of the time, just have been so busy.
    Hope your week is filled with many more blessings,

  7. :) Well I actually beg to differ, I think you are quite crafty! The wreaths have potential and I love that you are using recycled material! Spray painting them is a great idea (like you said) and then it could be cute to decorate them with little wooden hearts painted red for example on the white wreath or little gingham bows...don't know, I'm not so crafty myself but I like the idea.:)

  8. Pat, I like the idea of burnished bronze paint...!

    Colleen, YOUR suggestion helps me visualize them for other seasons (Valentine's Day, etc.)! By tying on the decorations, I could change them out.

  9. When we were at the Country Living Fair we visited the Rusteoleum booth and saw they offer many colors...might be a good idea to use that kind of spray paint if this is an "outdoor" wreath. What a clever idea!

  10. As my son would say,"That's way cool!"
    I also like the idea of the bronze
    paint. Can't wait to see the finished

  11. Jacquelyn & Sandy - Your comments are helping me clarify my vision for the finished product! Thanks.

  12. Rebecca:
    I've set up at some antique and home design shows and your bed springs would have been a big hit with the interior designers! I like the bronze spray paint too. I always love anything in the copper realm. Honestly, it's cute just like it is with a big huge airy bow and a few berries tucked around. It can change for the seasons... good job, and what a sweet hubby!



  13. Sonja, For myself, I am happy with the rustic "as is" look. Your idea of a few berries tucked around is a good one. I am keeping the second set of springs for placement elsewhere (unless I get "orders" for more wreaths--LOL!)

    Thanks for your encouragement!

  14. I picked up a set of springs from a baby bed--also took the bed rails and head and footboards from a junk pile along the road. My mom pained the rails and headboard and I used them as trellises in my garden. Left the springs as they were and buried them a few inches. I'm using them for a trellis too. I think I had a picture of them on my blog not long ago in a posting about vines. Just an idea, of course they were still in their frame. Blessings!

  15. Go girl, I love it! That is one beautiful bedsprings! Rusted to imperfectperfection! SWEET WREATHS! You're one of my heroes you know!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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