Ladies' Day Out

It's been a few years since I have been a speaker at a women's event.  This past weekend, I had that privilege again.  The Women's Ministry of Central Church did a GREAT job of organization and decorating around the theme "The Gift of Simplicity".  They truly are gracious and gifted women.

Aren't the decorations aMaZinG
There were many good things on the schedule including a demonstration of how to make sushi using rotisserie chicken!  Frugal Fannie (below) gave "her" take on repurposing ordinary things you might find around the house - and the committee did the same with a little more seriousness.
Frugal Fanny
Both breakfast and lunch were extraordinary!  I wish I could say the same for my two presentations.  In all honesty, I let myself down (especially on the second one).  I think I was overwhelmed by the talent of those who shared the day with me.  I got a little distracted and compared myself to others and it took me down a path I wish I hadn't gone.  My old insecurities surfaced and I withered.  It's hard to carry your own load when you're comparing yourself to others!  Another lesson to be learned and RElearned for me....

"Each one should test his OWN actions.  Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, for each one should carry his own load."  (Galatians 6:4-5)


  1. aw Rebecca, you are probably being too hard on yourself here. But I can surely identify with your feelings...been there myself. Would love to hear more of the "simplicity" ideas...and about what you shared too!

  2. I also would love to hear some of the ideas you shared Rebecca! I'm sorry to hear you don't think it went as well as it could have...I'm sure that people still really appreciated your wisdom if what you share on this blog is anything to go by. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Morning Rebecca,
    Sorry to hear you feel you let yourself down. You know what I have found: is the times I think I have not done a good job at something, will be the very time when someone will come up and say they were really blessed by something I said, and the times I felt I have done a good job, no one says a thing. Somehow God works through us best in our weakness. Bet you did much better than you think, but I know it is
    a crummy feeling. Sounds like a good day tho.

    My Mom used to say "there will always be someone who has more than you, can do more than you or will be more talented or gifted than you, but there will also always be someone who has less than you, can do less than you or who is less talented and gifted than you!!
    So realize your areas of giftedness make someone else compare themselves to you as well. You have your own unique set of giftedness that no one else has."

    That was some of the best advice my Mom ever gave me!!

    and I like
    Jacquelyn would love to hear what you spoke about and hear some of those simplicity ideas.

    Blessings to you sweetie,
    Growing up in the Lord is hard and painful work sometimes!! Poo, I sure wish that wasn't so
    true at times.

  4. Wisely spoken, Nellie! I receive it humbly. It wasn't about "me" anyway....and there was SO much good stuff going on all around me :)

  5. The Galatians reference is very timely; Scriptures never fail! Would love to have been with you at the event. I always come away from your blog with good ideas, encouragement, sometimes even a chuckle. We don't need enemies when our own insecurities come visiting; that is enemy enough.
    Have a blessed day (the sun is shining!), Donna

  6. Donna, So true! And YES! The sun IS shining.

  7. Rebecca, I find it hard to believe you
    weren't an incredible blessing to all who
    heard you. Just getting acquainted with
    you on your blogs and through emails has
    caused me to see what a dear sweet person
    you are.
    I know you have a heart devoted to the Lord
    and I am sure that's what came out in your

  8. Sounds like Satan is trying to take away your confidence because he KNOWS God is using you. And I know how painful that is . . . I've been there more than once. But I know that God uses our efforts - no matter how feeble we may FEEL they are! God bless you!

    I love those decorations!

  9. Rebecca, I wish I had come to your blog early as I often do instead of scooting to the farmer's market. I could have encouraged you sooner. We received so many positive comments. I am looking forward to taking my notes away with me and putting them to action. God is using you in a special way. Thank you for listening to Him and sharing it with us!!

  10. Well Rebecca I think you're wonderful for just having the courage to stand before everyone and speak! It isn't an easy thing to do. I've done it a time or two and just told myself whats done is done, I did my best!
    I admire you for giving it a go!
    Simplification is something that I am working very hard on right now. The decorations were very cute and fall like. Love Di ♥

  11. I've always admired people who can speak in public. Outside of sharing my testimony at The Long Beach Rescue Mission a few times and at a couple of local churches I have no desire to speak in public. It scares me to death! I would much rather do one on one street evangelism.

    God bless you Rebecca and keep up the good work for Jesus :-)


  12. Keep up the speaking, it gets easier as you know and you learn something every time!

  13. Rebecca, Every time I have spoken or given a testimony to someone, I always feel the same way you are feeling, and then I find out later that what I said was just what the Lord wanted that person to hear. I am sure you will be asked to return.:)

  14. How awesome....then your ending comments made my heart jump...why does the enemy do that? Because He knows what the Lord does through us!

    Well just put him back in his place and get up and speak again....there must be power in your speaking or he wouldn't have attacked.

    Blessings!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and all your encouraging comments and the article was just awesome...thanks!!!

  15. Hey Rebecca, It's the Fort Wayne Derby Girl! I totally disagree with your assessment of what you gave us Saturday. You were splendidly wonderful and gave us so much to chew on spiritually. I think you were great. Don't listen to satan . . . he knows how much you have to offer and would like to make you think you don't. He is a liar! Stomp on him and put him in his place. Under your heel. I would go to listen to you tomorrow if you were speaking nearby. You were a huge blessing to us. And I LOVEd your very frugal fannie outfit! And especially the price! Blessings to you! Kris :)

  16. Tamara...I'm sure you did just fine...
    Simplicity...sigh. Is there such a thing, any more? I miss that.... very much.
    Hugs and smiles to you,

  17. Rebecca, you are a creative and gifted speaker. I did not hear you this time but I have no doubt that women were blessed by your very presence. God loves to use the weak things of the world to bring Him glory. It is hard to remember that when the weak thing is me. I still remember hearing you speak a long time ago on debunking self-esteem. Blessings to you.

  18. Beautiful decorations Rebecca, and you are probably being to hard on yourself, If you speak like you write you did well, my dear friend.
    It looks like a great ladies meeting. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Sue

  19. Rebecca I absolutely LOVED your talk!! I am very very serious you did a fabulous job!! I told my mom that God has truly blessed you with the gift of speaking and I mean that!! I was so encouraged by your talk and excited about goals for the future!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your heart and I truly enjoyed every minute of it!! Keep sharing that wonderful gift you have and do not get discouraged!!!

  20. Been there; felt that. Leave it in God's hands. Just keep planting the seeds. He'll do the rest. Most days, he works in spite of me. How thankful I am for a perfect God who concedes his work to my imperfect status.

    Love the new blog look. And no, I don't have a good name for blogging friends, but they are as real and genuine to me as many of my next door friends!


  21. Rebecca, thanks for posting the pictures! Frugal Fanny will love that (her) fanny is hanging out there for the world to see:) I really appreciated the things you had to share on Sunday. You have gained a lot of wisdom and shared it in a gracious way that puts the listener at ease. I really appreciated the way you had such valuable things to say, but it didn't come across in an intimidating way. It felt like things that are achievable. And...I put my "one thing" into practice. And then another one thing. I was cookin' by Wednesday which was our goal. Thanks!

  22. Deb Yoder - Central ChurchOctober 23, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    Rebecca - I really appreciated your willingness to share with us and was challenged in several ways...1) to make my "one thing" the Lord each day and 2) to give God His worth - excellent analogy using the husband example. Loved it:)
    Our entire table was blessed by your zest for life and your obvious love for the Lord. He is using you and will continue - and satan is doing what he does best...lying. Don't believe him! Love to you!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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